This blog has written and edited 100% by me. Based on my personal taste and personal opinion. i never copy paste from another blog for the blog's content. Every review of the products has made from my experience. I always takes time to try one product to another product until i know how does it works.
Every product has a different result to everyone, so, what is the things that i said was my honest personal point of view. What is good on me is not always good on you, vice versa.

I always open my hand for you all who want to collaborate or work with me. Please kindly send me email for the detail at catra.bintangkecil@gmail.com or catra.samoedro@gmail.com

All the pictures in this blog has taken by me. It's OKAY if you wanna grab or borrow one of those pictures i have. But, it will be polite and nice if you give me a confirmation before or at least give a credit by linking the picture/photo to here (this blog).

Thank You very much for your attention and your time for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it and Have a Nice Day...

Catra Samoedro


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