About Me

Hai, I'm Catra Samoedro and I'm from Indonesia.
I'm the person behind this blog and i'm really Thank You for your coming here. Why i love blogging? Because basically i love writing. Since i was in high school, i really enjoy the time when i wrote a poems, and many people loves my poetry. Hahaha..

The main aim for this blog is i want to help my readers and people out there by giving information about makeup & skincare with the plus and minus part. I love to share a good things with you all. And your coming over here is truly my honor. I believe that Every Woman Deserve To Be Beautiful. Be confident no matter who you are. You are pretty, gorgeous, awesome, and fabulous!

Well, i'm the youngest of the 4th brother & sister, and my Parents has already passed away in 2008 & 2010.
I have a lovely boyfriend-bestfriend-soulmate, his name is Rufy and we're together for 7 years and still counting...

In the real life, i'm a Professional Copywriter & Editor. As a girl, i love shopping a lot especially a Makeup, Fashion Stuffs and Home Decor. Yes, interior design and home decorating is my another passion..

Ok, here's a little things about me:
- Skintone = Warm but tend to neutral undertone
- I'm NC37 in MAC
- Body type = Curvy
- I have a Dark Brown hair color
- Favorite foods are Sushi, Caesar Salad, Satay Ayam, and Pizza
- Favorite place is Beach and Tropical Island
- Favorite pet is Dog!
- Favorite music are Trap, Trance & Progressive
- Favorite shoes..... Converse!! I'm not an High Heels person

 Thank You So Much...

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  1. Glad to have found you. I've been looking for blogs/vlogs with the same skin tone as I have :D Your nyx matte lipstick post was helpful. Thanks.


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