Thursday, November 17, 2016

Favorite Nude Lipstick by The Balm!

Hello Gorgeous!

I remember for the first time i was using lipstick, i tried nude shade or another beige-pink color. i was afraid to wear bold  vivid color that day. I have no confident at all. Everytime i went to the makeup counter at Department Store, i straight to grab nude color. My first nude lipstick came from Red Earth (I don't know whether this brand still exist or not. I'm sure it's not!) and its shade BE105 or something (FORGET hahaha..). After all, i always wear nude lipstick everywhere i go.

As i grew up, nude lipstick always accompany me. Because i believe it'll compliment my look. Let's say, smokey eyes, bronzy makeup, or just natural makeup, everything will look good with nude lipstick. Agree? So now i'm gonna share with you all my favorite nude lipstick and it comes from THE BALM Cosmetics!

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Huges!

Actually The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes (TBMMH) comes with 8 or 10 shades, but for now i only have 3 of them because it's nude! Another shades are red, pink, pale nude, etc. I have the shade Charming, Committed, and Sincere. And for me, all of those nude shades are perfect!

As you may know, i'm a quite a huge fan of The Balm. Because they have a very good quality, awesome packaging and affordable price. I know that the prize isn't too cheap as Maybelline, NYX, etc but for me The Balm has a very great eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter/bronzer and blush. Sadly, The Balm doesn't create any foundation or powder. Well, actually they have but not to complete. 

Talking about TBMMH, i love this! Many people don't like the tingling sensation of this product. But, i do like a lot. It feel so fresh and the scent is Yummy. It reminds me of Peppermint-Candy kinda thing. And the packaging is cute^^

L-R: Charming - Committed - Sincere

The pigmentation is quite nice. As you can see, this is opaque. Especially for the deep shade like Charming. It glides very smooth and pigmented. Ok, now i wanna share everything that i like and dislike about this product.

What i like about this:
- The shades are beautiful
- Pigmented
- Opaque
- Quite long lasting on my lips
- The scent is yummy^^
- It glides smooth on my lips, without any sticky or patchy effect
- The texture is perfect. Not to runny nor thick. It feels more like mousse
- Not tacky at all

What i don't like about this:
- Nothing.

Seriously, i don't have any complain with this product. Because for me, TBMMH is awesome. Maybe for some people the scent is too strong or whatsoever. But it's not a big thing for me. 

Ok, now let's see how this product looks on me^^




Least but not last, i will give B+ point for this product. Because for me, TBMMH is never failed me. Especially for the nude-mauve-brown-red color. The other milky shade like the shade Honest is a lil bit patchy and streaky on me.


  1. Well, the color looks great on you. I really like nude color too, well I guess I will try to buy this one too. Thank you for sharing. Keep updating with greater products ya sis :3

    1. Haiiii....

      Thank you ya udah mampir^^ Go buy it and you'll fall in love hahahha

    2. whahahaha, you're welcome. I've just ordered it online. can't waiit :3


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