Sunday, June 26, 2016

BEYOND X Alice in Wonderland Glow Lip and Cheek

"Put an orange blush everytime you feel down or sad. Because, fresh and glowy cheeks instantly can upgrade your mood and the smile will appear in your beautiful face"

Hello Gaes,

Today i'm gonna give a quick review about something that i already eyeing for a long time. Honestly i'm not into really a big fan of Korean brand. But, this collaboration between BEYOND and Alice in Wonderland is impossible to ignore, right? The packaging is so cute. The quality isn't too important anymore, as long as the packaging is cute, i'm dying! Hello Disney, you never failed me!

So today i'm gonna share with you all about this cream blush from BEYOND X Alice in Wonderland in the shade Fruit Jelly. FYI, i'm a big fan of peachy or orange blush. Because orange blush will suit more good on my skintone. Pink is too vibrant for me and too girly. LOL!

Beyond X Alice in Wonderland in Fruit Jelly

As you can see...
This product has a really adorable packaging. It comes with a round plastic and also it has a clear cap with an Alice print on it. Super cute! *Why Korean Brand Always Come With A Cute Packaging*
So we can see the color from outside. 

This cream blush has a very light, creamy, sheer, milky, a lil bit watery and soft kind of texture. Even tho it's sheer doesn't mean it's literally sheer. This blush is buildable, so you can create the finishing you like. 
It has a bubble gum scent on it but not too strong. The scent still tolerable for me. This blush consist of five different shade, and i pick this Fruit Jelly because this would be look good on me i believe^^

Fruit Jelly!

Maybe it will looks scary on the pan. Yes i know, this orange shade is too vibrant and vivid. For the first time i saw this, i was like, "What the hell! Shud i put this scary color on my cheeks?"
But don't get me wrong! Then i swatch it on my hand, and suddenly the beautiful-fresh color came out. Yay^^

It's not that scary when you already apply the product on the skin. The vivid color will calm down. It transfer to be a beautiful peachy color which i love. Especially when you blend it out. Deymn, you'll get a fresh-natural cheeks as well. 

I love the light formula. It doesn't sticky at all on my oily skin. It blend easily and spread nicely. I prefer using my hand when buffing it than using my brush. Dunno why, i feel like it more good and easier when applied with finger. And the finishing will looks more natural too. It's OK if you need brush to blend this. But trust me, finger is better^^

Application wise,
Start with a small amount of the product. Better you add more if needed than you block your cheek with a bright blush. You don't wanna look like clown, right? And warm it first in your finger, then start buffing it on your cheeks. If you feel the product still too much, you can add a loose powder over the top to soften it. Some of people like to use this as a lip tint, but i don't like it! I'm not enjoy the sheer-creamy formula on my lips. So BHAY, i never use it as a lip tint. 

Ok, now let's see how this product looks on me..

As you can see, the color looks subtle and soft on me. So delicate! Besides i already apply a lil bit more on my cheeks. Because i know, camera will wash out every color. So we need a more product when taking a picture. Overall, i enjoy using this blush. Very lightweight and natural for daily. Even tho i prefer powder blush than cream blush, but this BEYOND Glow Lip and Cheek is nice. 

And for you who have an oily skin, better you wear powder blush again over this to prevent fading and also make it more long lasting on the cheeks. What i don't like about this product is...

However, this is cream blush. And it won't stay longer as good as the ordinary powder blush. It will fading away for 1.5-2 hours after usage.

So i give this C+ point for this product! Because like i said before, this only stay on my cheeks just for 1.5-2 hours! Not more. Sigh.


  1. Hi Catra! Kemasannya gambar Alice. OMG.. aku suka Alice! Warnanya orange? Aku belum pernah cobain blushon warna orange. Aku takut ga cocok dikulitku.

    Aku juga ada review lip & cheek, tapi dari produk lokal sih..

    1. Warna-warna kayak gini kece banget maaaak. Bisa bikin wajah kelihatan segeerrr. Cobain deh hehehe.

  2. Packagingnyaaaa ... favorit banget ini mbak hehehhe warnanya bagus ya, nggak neon ternyata kalau udah diaplikasikan..

    1. Iyaa, emang kalo di jar warnanya agak mengerikan ya. Padahal pas dipake nggak kok, cukup natural.

  3. oh my god, ini packagingnya lucuuu apiiik .
    Tapi sayangnya ga tahan lama yah kak :(

    1. Iyaa kalo pekejing mah gilaaa lucunya. Nah, kalau mau awet bisa tambahin powder blush diatas ini. Jadi makenya: Foundie - Cream Blush - Powder - Powder Blush gitu^^

  4. Pekejingnya mengoda bangeeeeeetttttttt >___<

  5. Packagingnyaaaa ... favorit banget ini mbak hehehhe warnanya bagus ya, nggak neon ternyata kalau udah diaplikasikan..

    1. Hi Clara,

      Iya emang ini warnanya seger banget! Dan kalo mau awet bisa di timpa powder blush diatasnya


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