Thursday, December 17, 2015

Maybelline Velvet Matte by Colorsensational

Hello Hello.....

A few weeks ago, i was shopping in Guardian to bought something then i saw something different in Maybelline's rack. I thought that they has a coming up with their new exciting matte formula. I was like,"Wow... what's that?" So, i was eyeing this Velvet Matte Lipstick and grabbed this without any doubt. You know i always excited with something like matte lipstick whatsoever.

This 'Cream to Matte' lipstick offers intense creamy-pigmented kind of lipstick. I'm expecting this would be like the phenomenal Bourjois Rouge Velvet! Do you wanna know what i thought about this product?

Maybelline Velvet Matte by Colorsensational


I have the shade Mat 6 and Mat 12! The color is so beautiful and i love the buttery texture of this product. It's extremely smooth and moisturise my lips as well. The texture feels like mousse, and it's feel like a butter and so velvet-y. I only need 2 coats and the color is completely opaque. Quite nice to cover the surface on my lips. This lippies are so comfortable to wear. Nice!

L-R: Mat 6 - Mat 12

As you can see.....
The texture look like a mousse. It's a lil bit sheer, i mean it's not too vivid like another liquid lipstick that i have, but at the first time i saw this, it reminds me of Bourjois Rouge Velvet! I think this Maybelline Velvet Matte Lipstick is quite unique. It's not glossy at all, but not too matte. It's way more creamy on my lips.

But, besides all of those goodness, i still have a disappointing thing with this. I expect very much this product will transfer to matte after it dries. But it's not! It doesn't look like a Bourjois Rouge Velvet ever! Bourjois really do a great job. It's creamy-velvety lipstick, then it'll be transfer to matte after it dries. A really beautiful matte! But this Maybelline not.

I saw that this lipstick stays creamy on the lips. Without any matte at all. Maybe, the word "Matte" means it doesn't have any glossy effect like the original Color Elixir lipgloss. Sigh! I wish it'd be transfer to matte like Bourjois does. I wish. But if you wanna get the matte effect from this product, after you apply the lipstick, you can rub it gently all over your lips to create a beautiful stain.

Okay, so we will see how this lipstick looks on my lips^^

Maybelline Velvet Matte in Mat 12

Mat 12 is a peachy nude color and it's so wearable and pretty kind of nude. This looks a lil bit pale on my medium skintone. I need a darker or brighter lip liner before i apply this. So it'll apparently better.

Maybelline Velvet Matte in Mat 6

Mat 6 is a berry kind of color. It's perfect for any skintone and the color is really beautiful. 

Application wise...
If you wanna get the intense color payoff, use lip liner before using this lipstick. It'd be more good and opaque. Or, you can use another matte lipstick or regular lipstick then you apply this Velvet Matte as a top coat. Dab it a lil bit, then you'll have a beautiful-creamy-matte lips!

So, will i repurchase this or buy another shade from this collection? Well, so sorry to say, maybe no! It's not because this product is bad or something but i'm still expecting the finishing will be more matte. And this is more creamy.

I'm gonna give B- point for this product. Because of its finishing (at least for my personal opinion) and it doesn't too long lasting on me. It's only can stay for about an hour or more on my lips. Then it'll slowly fading away. Hiks....

So, have a nice day gaes! Thanks for coming^^


  1. mat 12 cakep kok warnanya pas dipake :3 padahal pas diswatch rada pucet

    1. iya emang cakep. Tapi gw lebih suka kalo ini dicampur lip liner atau matte lipstik lain mak..

  2. aku baru beli yg no 06. Aku pikir pun kalau agak kering, bakal jadi matte tp ternyata trksturnya gak berubah2. -_-

    1. Hoooh... At least gw ngarepnya bakal kayak BRV yaah yg hasilnya matte. Kalo ini cenderung creamy sih. Loreal juga punya kayak gini

  3. Endingnya satin finish yaaa?? Aku gak suka lipstik matte, jadinya malah tertarik ini.. Hehehee...

  4. Cute lipstick :)

    Maria V.


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