Monday, November 16, 2015

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick!

Hi Gaes....

Yasss, don't get me wrong, don't be boring, and stay tune because i have another liquid to matte lipstick swatch and review. This time i'm gonna share about the OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. Well, many peoples are getting enough with liquid lipstick. Because they're too hype and people talk about them everywhere. But so far, i still enjoy using liquid lipstick because i'm a matte person of anything, and liquid lipsticks are too die for!

I've been trying so many brand who has a liquid lipstick. Whether that's mine or my friends, and i do like some brands because few of them are absolutely amazing! Very comfortable to wear and the shades are gorgeous. So, today i'm gonna share with you all this one of those high brand makeup, OFRA Cosmetics!

OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick


I heard so many good review about this product. Everybody rave this. But i still doubt and don't wanna decide whether i shud try this or not. Many people say that this OFRA is the one of the most comfortable liquid lipstick ever! I'm curious and when i have a chance to try this, i'm super excited!

I have 3 shades and actually OFRA has a tons of shades on their collection, and like i always did, i always start with the "Safe" shades first when trying a new product. It's prevent my disappointment if the product that i try is meh! So i'll never be that disappoint really really bad. So, i have the shade LAGUNA BEACH, ST TROPEZ and SANTA ANA.

Top to Bottom: Laguna Beach - Santa Ana - St Tropex

What i like about this OFRA is....
The texture is so mousse-y, glides very smooth on the lips, and doesn't makes my lips drying. I know this is a high end brand, and actually i shouldn't doubt with the quality, right? I can feel that this lipstick really velvety on my lips as well. And it can stay on my lips for almost 4 hours without chopping or cracking. Even tho i had a heavy meals as usual. Good job ^^

The packaging and the applicator isn't too special. But i don't care with them because all that i find in a product is the only quality of the product itself. So for me, packaging is the #2! I never bother about it, and a beautiful packaging is only bonus.

L-R: Santa Ana - Laguna Beach - St Tropez

Okay now let's see how these three shades on me!


This shade really confusing me! If you search the swatch on Instagram, Google or Blog, you'll find so many different swatch and there's no same swatch out there! I'm a lil bit disappoint because i imagined that St Tropez would be more warm in me. But when i tried this on, OMG, this is a very cool pink lilac color and it's a lil bit didn't suit on my skintone. Especially if i wear this alone (without full makeup on). Sigh! I wish it'd be like at least Milani Amore Matte in Lust or L.A Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Dreamy in a darker way. Or even tho it has a Lilac undertone, i wish it'll be more warm and rose-y. Geez...


Laguna Beach is a very beautiful warm nude beige color with a hint of soft pink on it. This shade is really suitable for medium skin like me. It's not too pale, not too nude, but it's really compliment my overall look. I love using this shade. Because when i wore this alone, it still look good on me. And after 3 hours, the color will oxidize a bit. And it makes a beautiful touch on the lips. Awesome!


Another gorgeous shade! Santa Ana is a muted rose-y berry red color, but the berry isn't too dark. This is very appropriate for everyday use, without feeling too much. Everyone can use this kinda color i believe. Because the red color is natural and beautiful. I wear this shade a lot! 

Overall, i love OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. The texture is nice, and it doesn't makes my lips dry which is good. It feels like velvet on the lips and it last until 4 hours on the lips as well. It glides very smooth and it doesn't streaky or patchy at all. 
But, it's a lil bit pricey! In Indonesian seller, it cost about IDR 230.000-250.000,- depend on where you buy it ^^

Ok, that's my final thought about this product. I give the B+ point for this! Yay


  1. SANTA ANA... Oh my............ cat lipstcik elu baru mulu deh.. mupeng..

    1. Iya Dine..

      Ini salah satu liquid lipstick yang teksturnya nyaman menurut gw hehehe


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