Thursday, November 5, 2015

L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit

Hello Everyone....

So today i'm gonna share with you all about brow product. I thought that every woman deserve a beautiful pair of brows, right? And i believe, we are all agree that finding the good brow product is sometimes confusing. Whether we want use the brow pencil. brow mascara, brow pomade/gel or even brow powder. That's all depend on how you like it, how you prefer for easy application, and how the shape of your brows.

I've been trying all of those kind of brow product. And my favorite is brow pencil, brow powder and brow mascara for simple application. But brow pomade/gel has a better staying power. Which means, you don't have to be worry if your brow will fade away throughout the day!

L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit

At the first time i saw this product, it reminds me of NYX Brow Cake Powder which is my favorite (yes, i was using it for almost everyday!). It has a square silver packaging with the name on the top. And the size is very compact. Not too small nor bulky. And it has a mirror inside. brush and the powder itself.

Shade no.1 Medium To Dark

As you can see...
It comes with a beautiful dark-muddy-brown brow powder and i think that the shade will looks natural on me. These two brow powder looks a bit similar, like a powder. But actually, the left side (the lighter shade) is something like a gel. That's a creamy soft brow gel, but the consistency is really thin and light. Not as pigmented as NYX Eyebrow Gel and also different with ABH Dipbrow Pomade

For me, NYX Eyebrow Gel is way more runny, mousse-y and jelly-ish, and ABH Dipbrow Pomade is more thicker and a bit heavy. This L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit is way more creamy and light. I know, it doesn't too pigmented and opaque when apply, but, trust me it will give a good base for the next step.

L-R: The powder side and the gel side.

What i like about this product is...
I like how the finishing on my brows. It makes me looks natural, but also in a good shape. The application is more easy than NYX Eyebrow Gel. Because you only need to draw and follow your natural brows with the gel side, then add and fill your brows with the powder one.
How about the longevity?

Well... This product is quite long lasting, but not as long as NYX Eyebrow Gel. For me, NYX Eyebrow Gel still the winner of staying power. I don't have to be worry whether is my brows are still in place or not. But this L'Oreal, is good! Even tho it's only can stay on place for 3 hours without smudging, but you can handle it with add a lil bit brow powder or dab the oil excess with oil paper around your brow area.

Ok, here i wanna show you how this product looks on me!

My bare face without any makeup on ^^

I really love this L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit!
It's really easy to apply, gives a natural look on my brows, the texture is smooth and creamy & also the staying power is quite nice!

What i don't like about this product is.... I think, better if the two product of this LBAGK is both powder. Sometimes, we don't need the waxy gel like that for our brows. Let's say, the waxy part of the NYX Brow Cake Powder is very useless. I never apply that weird waxy part for my brows. But luckily, the waxy part of this LBAGK is way more better!

Overall, I give the B point for this product! You can grab this one at every L'Oreal counters and it worth for IDR 169.000!!

Have a Nice Day, Gaes ^^


  1. wahh aku baru tahu ada ini. Tapi kenapa g ada wax nya? setuju sich, gw juga suka ngerasa aneh kalau pake brow powder tanpa brow wax gitu

    Jean Milka

    1. Itu ada waxnya mak..
      Nggak wax bgt sih tapi lbh kayak creamy gitu. Kayak mousse halus gitu. Gimana yaaa hahahaah

  2. heeh, pas liat gambarnya kaya powder semua, dua-duanya :D tapi suka itu brushnya ada sikat alisnya, gw biasanya kl pake model gini harus pake brush lain,


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