Thursday, September 3, 2015

[REVIEW] Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick!

Hi Gaes...

So, today i wanna share with you all about another lipstick that i've trying. I really excited when Revlon Indonesia give me a chance to try their new lipstick collection. Because, i always exciting with lip product. I wear them all everyday, whether i used matte lipstick or creamy/moisturizing lipstick. I like both of them, even tho if i must choose one finishing of the lipstick, i prefer using the matte one than the creamy one.

Revlon Ultra HD (IDR 99.000) Lipstick is the brand new thing from Revlon. Why HD Lipstick? It claims that what HD means are they're pigmented (as a moisturizing kinda lipstick), have a very rich and vivid color payoff, bright and intense shade and also true color. It means, what the color you see on the tube is what you will get on your lips. Awesome, right? Because usually moisturizing lipstick has a sheer pigmentation and it's way more look like a lip balm. And this product offer you a different thing!

The new Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick is available in 10 shades (which are avail in Indonesia) from 14 or more shades total.

This is what i got from Revlon's launching event!

Look how cute and adorable they are. It's a bouquet of rose and lipstick. 
I never get a hampers like this. For me, it's so pleasing and i'm happy with it ^^ It has a yummy sweet Mango-Vanilla scent which i really like.

I've got the shade Gladiolus, Azalea, and Rose! Those three shades are bright red color, blue based pink color and pretty calm nude. Well, i like this product because it's a wax-free-high-definition gel technology, where it can make my lips look fuller, plumpy and fresh. The formula is very lightweight and not sticky at all. Its texture looks like a gel. It gives me extra smooth application on my lips and even tho it's moisturizing lipstick lt's not as sheer as Revlon Lip Butter does. It's keep remind me of the old Revlon Lip Butter because it has a similar consistency, but this HD lipstick is way more better. 

The product comes with a simple clear plastic tube so you can see the shade inside. It's a lil bit different like the Revlon's lipstick usually does. 

If you already have a soft-healthy lips, you only need one coat when applied. They feel softer and bouncier on the lips. And even tho it's a gel based lipstick, the pigmentation is good. But if you have a dark natural lips, maybe you can wear lip liner before you wear this lipstick. To give you a coverage that you want. And how about the longevity? Is it long lasting?

This could stay on your lips for at least 2-3 hours without heavy meals i believe. I think it's a standard quality of a lipstick. Except if you're talking about liquid lipstick, maybe it'd stay throughout the day hahhahaha..

After i try this HD lipstick, i think that the dark shade is way more better than the light shade. The lighter shade has more sheerness than the darker one. 

L-R: Gladiolus-Azalea-Rose

And, here is me using this Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick!

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Azalea

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Rose

- Gladiolus is a bright red with a hint of orange
- Azalea is a bright pink color with a slightly lilac on it
- Rose is a nude peach color. and its texture is sheerer than the other one

Overall, i like this lipstick. Maybe it'd be my Go-To Lipstick on my daily basis. Well, the lipstick glide effortlessly across the lips and leaves the natural sheen on me. 

I give the B Point for this Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick. Yay! But, too bad another good shade like Petunia, Geranium, Sweet Pea, etc is not available in Indonesia.


  1. Wow! i like the Gladious shade..
    It's so pretty in your lips :D

    Btw, i follow your blog
    mind to follow and visit each other?^^

    1. Hai Mei Mei..

      Thx for coming. And i'll follow you back yaaa.

      Have a nice day

  2. shade yang Azalea ngingetin gw sm nyx matte shocking pink tapi ini versi moist-nyaa...
    cakep cakep semua cat warnanya <3 <3 <3
    duh gw tetep berharap revlon ngeluarin HD Lipstik versi matte gitu yaa.. *ngarep*
    soalnya yang matte lipstiknya shadenya terbatas dan suka oos (lagi ngincer revlon matte lipstick yang fabulous *curhat*)

    1. Hahhha... iyaaa seandainya ya Revlon ngeluarin banyak lipstik matte selain si matte balm.
      Gladiolus juga kece maaakk


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