Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Will You Say To Your Haters?

Holla Holla..

Today i don't wanna talk about makeup or beauty something. Today i just wanna share with you all about how to face your haters! Not only a celebrity or Hollywood star, we all the ordinary people also have haters in our life. And mostly, some of them is our closest friend in our circle. Sucks right? But that's all the fact that we can't hope people will 100% like, love and enjoy being with us.

It'd be OK if there's someone out there who straight to talk with us, in front of our face that they hate ourselves, right? But, how if there's some people who really nice in front of us, but suddenly they talking bad behind your back? I'm sure, 100% of you gaes really want to hit their face!! Bam!

I know you will really uncomfortable with this situation. But hey, without them you're nothing, right?

If you ask them one by one, why they hate us without any reason, I'm sure the only reason is just a jealousy! Yass, people can be so jealous at you without any reason. Even tho you feel that you don't have anything to be proven, to be a center of attention, to be "Someone", but you have to admit that you can't hide from the people like this! Bad news, i know. Sucks, i know. But that's the reality. When people stalk your life, then make it a gossip when they're meet their 'friends', all that you need is just don't care what they're doing or saying. Because, that's not important at all...

Remember one thing, sometimes haters is people who help you to be famous! When they're talking shit about you everywhere, automatically people will notice about you then they will try to get information about you. Whether you're the same person like the haters said or not. If it's not, don't worry, eventually people will consider that you're not that shit, and those haters is just a circle of shit! You won gaes... You won!

If you wanna see in positive point of view, actually haters is the only one who really care about you. Imagine that they willing to see your daily activities via social media, or ask your friend about what are you doing right now, etc. They will find out everything about you. They will comment in your blog, your Youtube channel maybe or something else. They willing to spent their time just for being closer with you! Imagine that there's someone who really 'LOVE' you until they don't do anything except pay attention to you..

Don't ever shout to your haters that you hate them. Don't shout,"I HATE YOU MothaF***A!!"
But better you love them back and say,"Thank you dear, you already make me more famous! Your presence is absolutely a gift!"
Even tho i know, your heart will hurt when you realize that they already betray and stab behind your back. But it's OK. Haters will always there in your life. No matter what :)

You must be very grateful, because there's someone out there care about you with unconditional love. So, in order to treat your haters because they already make you more being a special person, WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO YOUR HATERS?

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