Monday, June 15, 2015

Review Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack

Setelah sukses dengan Water Sleeping Pack yang gw rasa hampir semua orang pakai produk itu, Laneige punya Firming Sleeping Pack yang nggak kalah juara hasilnya. Hmm, mau tahu gimana keunggulan dari produk andalan Laneige ini?

Well, akhir-akhir ini entah kenapa gw suka dengan produknya Laneige. Karena menurut gw, produknya works well very good on my skin. Dan gw emang udah lama banget penasaran dengan sleeping pack-nya Laneige ini. Karena gw udah sering banget denger review yang bagus tentang produk ini. Gw udah pakai Firming Sleeping Pack ini hampir 3 minggu. So, apa sih yang didapatkan oleh kulit wajah gw selama 3 minggu itu?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Favorite Skincare + Video!

Hi Gaes....
It's time for sharing about my skincare routine. In my age right now, i need to invested my money to a great skincare. Because i started to realize that my skin need it. Day by day, i can find any imperfection coming through to my skin, and for me, it's a sign to do something. Which is, take care of my skin very very well with a good product!
The basic things that i always do is clean my face, prep it with serum, nourish it with moisturizer, protect it with sunscreen and give an extra attention with night regime. So, here's the products that i've been using lately. Basically, i dont ever stick with one brand. And i always curious to try all of the product out there to see, what suit me best. And i change my skincare routine regularly, because i just wanna know, what does my skin really needs. And also, i'm using a different product for my day and night routine.
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