Thursday, April 2, 2015

NYX Eyebrow Gel in Brunette Review + Video!

You know what, for some people eyebrows must be the important thing in life. Some people (Girls i mean) can't go out without their perfect eyebrows. Do you one of them? Hahaha....
So now i have something that i wanna share, and it's all about brow things. Because, i am the one of the people who can't go out without eyebrows done!

I'm gonna talk about "NYX Eyebrow Gel in Brunette"
If on my previous post, i already talk about ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown. You can see the post HERE

I never try Eyebrow Gel before. Because i thought that it's not simple at all. You need at least 5 min to create the perfect brows. And for the first time brow gel was avail in the market, i was like " Geez, how to draw the brows with something liquid-y like that?" That's something cross my mind at the moment.

NYX Eyebrow Gel in Brunette

For the first time i tried this, i was very impressed! Two Thumbs Up, this product is absolutely amazing! The application, is not as hard as i thought. As long as you practice more often or already become your daily makeup routine, it'd be so easy! Well, i'm not saying apply this brow gel is quick, but it's easy ^^

The shade Brunette is really suit on me. It looks so natural and match with my hair and skin tone. What i like about this product are:

- The staying power is amazing! It wouldn't faded or smudge or disappear even when i'm getting sweat or my face is getting oily.
- It stays on place throughout the day. Yes, a whole day. Until i remove my makeup at home hahha..
- It blends very easy and glides smoothly
- Waterproof. Smudgeproof. Long lasting. What else?

And the downside is:

- It dry really fast. So make sure you blend it quick before it stays on your brows
- Because this is liquid stuff, and you need brush and time to apply it, so i think it's not design for everyone who is in hurry. If you have a meeting in the morning and you're wake up late, forget this stuff. Or, you'll miss the meeting ahahhaha...
- This product still not avail in Indonesia. For those who lived in Indonesia, you must buy it Online. The price? Depend on the seller that you put an order on.

Well, my final thought is i really like using this product. This is my HG and i used this almost everyday. I give the point B+ because i love how does it long lasting on me. No smudge, just perfect eyebrow! Hahahaha ^^

So, enjoy the tutorial on my video above. And have a nice day.

Anyway, this is my bare face. I'm not wear any makeup on. Because, i had microdermabrasion yesterday, so i can't wear  makeup for at least 2-3 days. Huhuhu..


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