Sunday, April 19, 2015

Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Review!

Hi Gaes, Happy Weekend!

So, today i'm gonna share with you all about my fave product. You know what, i'm basically 'A-Drugstore-Product' person. Doesn't mean i never buy high end makeup brand. I own some. But when i found an affordable product with a great quality, i must be so proud of myself! Hahahahha... Because mostly high end brand are (not) always good. But drugstore? Sometimes we doubt about the quality and it's rather gambling, right?

Based on my experience surfing from one to another drugstore brand, Maybelline is one of my favorite! Especially in US version (which isn't avail in Indonesia). They have an awesome quality of their product. Named it, their mascara, blush, lipstick everything including their complexion as well. So now let's started to talking about this beautiful babies!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation and Powder in shade 220 Natural Beige

For the first time i saw this on Youtube and Bloggers out there i was like,"Wow... i shud have this! This supposed to be good on me.."
But i confused to choose the shade because Fit Me range has so many shades from fair to dark. And for the medium skin, they have so many color option and those are quit similar. So, when i knew that my friend wanna have trip to US, i decide to ask her to bring me this baby. Yay ^^

L-R: Foundation & Powder. Both in 220 Natural Beige

I decide to choose the shade 220 Natural Beige because this would be the save shade on me. It's not too light or dark either. And yes, this shade suit on me (NC37) even tho it's a lil bit light than my own skintone. Nevermind, it's not way too light ^^ Still save! Hahahaha...

This is my bare face! I only used moisturizer and primer. 

And this is my 'Full-Makeup' face using Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless ^^

As you can see....
i Have an uneven skintone. Discoloration. Redness. Wrinkle around my eyes. Dark Circle. You named it! But THANK GOD i'm not an acne prone person. Even tho i'm not always using foundation on my daily basis but sometimes i like to use it if i want my skin looks flawless that day.

And this Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless really good on me. What i like about the product?

- Lightweight. The texture is really nice. It's not too thick also not too liquid-y
- It blends very easily on the skin
- Light to medium coverage, but it's buildable.
- Matte finish but not like dead matte. Also not dewy at all. Very good! I can't describe hahahhhaha...
- The staying power is awesome. It can stays on my face from 7 a.m until 8 p.m without any creasing or messy. Even tho my skin getting oily throughout the day
- Not oxidize at all. GOOD!

And what i don't like about this product is...

- It came with a glass bottle so it's not so travel friendly!
- Doesn't come with pump. So it'd be messy and hard to control the product when we poured in
- A lil bit cakey in nose area when my skin is getting oily.

And for the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Powder......
I would say that this powder is amazing!!! It could be sheer or full coverage like powder foundation depend on what tools do you use. 
I use powder brush if i wanna make it sheer (Usually after i use foundation before). But, when i apply it with sponge, it'd be like powder-foundation look a like. Soooo good.

And the texture is so smooth. I can believe that this gorgeous product come from drugstore brand hahahhaha......
For the longevity, this powder can stay on my skin for about 4 hours. Even more if i just stay in AC room area. 

Well, i give this both product with a A Point because it's really good for everyone who has combination to oily skin like me. Does one of you already try this?


  1. Catra nih racun banget! >.<
    Powdernya tampak menarik. Tapi, bikin komedoan nggak? Kalau ada embel2 "pore" takut malah bikin komedoan >.<

    1. Hahahhahaha.....
      Ini emang kece mak. Kalo di gw sih nggak bikin komedo. Apa karna muka gw badak juga sebenernya sih. Cuusss cobain ini *Ngeracun*

  2. Bikin breakout nggak mbak? Aku pake yg original breakout hiks :( Nggak cocok sama kandungan bahan buat sunscreen-nya :/

    1. Di gw sih nggak breakout. Apa karena emang muka gw yg badak juga ya heehe..

  3. Wow keren hasil akhirnya,.loved your makeup face, still look natural.
    Btw, Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D

  4. wow... wonderfull sis.. keren banget finish nyah, jempolnya sepuluh deh sis

  5. pake concealer apa mba? I have the same problem like you, wrinkles around the eyes, discoloration & eye bags...hiks >.<

    1. Hai...
      daku pake maybelline age rewind eraser neik. Hehehe.
      iya nih dark circle ngeselin yah

  6. Cocok ngga mbak utk warm- yellow skintone?


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