Sunday, March 29, 2015

SLEEK Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream Review!

Holla Gaes!

Well, today post is about my HG product that i'm in love ^^ Another liquid lipstick from SLEEK Makeup. FYI, i have the shade Fandango Purple and Birthday Suit. 
I'd say that this kind of liquid lipstick is the best. Wanna more much more? See the review on my video down below...

I bought this SLEEK Matte Me by Online. Because this isn't avail in Indonesia. It's about IDR 135.000 - 185.000 depends on where OL Shop did you order. But i've got mine IDR 135.000 and the seller is Crown box US (the owner is Devita, she's seller in Femaledaily)

Top-Bottom: Fandango Purple - Birthday Suit

First of all, what i really like about it is the finishing result and the texture! Because some of liquid lipstick out there had a bad bad bad texture on it. Some of them is sticky and blotchy, especially on their light color. Which is, BLAH!
Different with this SLEEK Matte Me, it has an amazing texture and finishing result of course. What i like about it is:

1. The texture is so lightweight and not sticky at all
2. It glides smoothly on my lips
3. It very opaque and pigmented
4. It can cover all the imperfection on my lips as well
5. The longevity is great! It can stays on my lips about 2-3 hours without fading
6. It has a sleek packaging with a square and clear tube. So we can see the true color without open the seal
7. The applicator makes the application more easy

As you can see, the texture is awesome. I only need a thin layer for my entire lips. For the first time we apply, it leaves a little tingling feeling. And the texture is a lil bit watery. Just wait for a sec, then it'll be transfer to a beautiful matte lip color! Breathe taking.....

I recommended this SLEEK Matte Me to you all. Because you never disappointed when purchase this. I'd say that this is the best liquid lipstick ever! It's very comfortable to wear, and the staying power is great. What do you need from liquid lipstick beside the comfortable feels when wear and the staying power, right? 

So, here's me using this Fandango Purple and Birthday Suit

- Fandango Purple is the magenta color. It looks a bit bright on the lips, but not as bright as MUA Luxe Velvet in Funk or Criminal. This is more tone down and deep.

Fandango Purple!

- Birthday Suit Is the Greige color. Yes, this is combination between Grey and Beige in the same time. It looks similar with Lime Crime Velvetines in Cashmere, but Cashmere is way more grey than this i believe. Birthday Suit is more pink. Pretty!

Birthday Suit!

Ok my final result is.....
If you're not trying this product yet, you have to try it! Because this is so pretty and of course comfortable to wear and not drying your lips that bad. 

I wanna try another shade from this SLEEK Matte Me collection which is Rioja Red and Brink Pink! I see the swatches and i think they're all beautiful. Hahaha..

I give the point A for this product!


  1. bagus swatch yg fandango purplenya, mirip ama clio yg guilty pink. cek deh di blogku reviewnya

  2. yang birthday suit bagus banget wrnanya..
    gara-gara liat postingan lu di IG, gw jd pesen, Cat hahahaha :D

    1. Hahhahhaa,,, Emang kece mak! Gw aja jadi pengen ambil yg Rioja Red sama yg Pink apaaa gt

  3. Bagus mana sama mua luxe ? Bisa retouch ngga? Ato ngelupas stlh retouch?

    1. Secara tekstur gw lebih suka sleek ini. Lbh ringan dan velvety bgt alias ga lengket hahahah..
      MUA Luxe beberapa shade msh agak sticky.

      Pake liquid lipstik kalo may reapply sebaiknya hapus dulu, udh bersih baru pake lagi neik. Karena kalo nggak bisa ga bagus hasilnya

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  5. Nice review! Thanks for reviewing as well!!
    Visit me: and hope we can make a collab sometime! Cheers


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