Saturday, March 7, 2015

MUA Luxe Velvet Review and Swatch!


I'm back with another lipstick review. I've obsessed with liquid lipstick lately. I really like the finishing result and i enjoy the feeling on my lips. Plus, the matte finish really steal my heart hahaha... Ok, here we go!


Today i'm gonna talk about MUA Luxe Velvet which is very hype among the blogger and people out there. Basically when we try to choose liquid lipstick, we only can guessing,"Is it good on my lips?" "Will it can drying my lips?" or something like "i hope it won't sticky when apply" and many more...

Yes, because i trauma with the liquid lipstick that i've been try before.  It's very sticky and feel so uncomfortable when wear. My lips getting dry, patchy, unblended as well etc. SO BAD! So, i put my trust in this MUA Luxe Velvet hahaha^^

L-R: Halcyon, Criminal, Funk

I've got 3 shade which is Halcyon, Criminal and Funk. I bought it online because it (still) not avail in Indonesia huhuhu...

Top-Bottom: Funk - Halcyon - Criminal

First of all, 
I enjoy using this lipstick. Because the texture is very creamy, opaque and pigmented. I only need 1-2 coat to make everything seems beautiful on my lips. It dries so fast and it transferred from liquid to matte. When it's turn to matte, it gives a very pretty appearance on my lips as well. Me likey!

And i think that this product is quite waterproof. I try to drink from the bottle, straw or glass it didn't transfer at all. But i'm not sure about the oil-proof. Because i notice that it will almost gone when we eat something like noodle, fried rice, ramen, or another heavy meal like that.
I found that the product around my middle lips is disappear. 

Ok, here i'm gonna share how does it looks on me.


1. Halcyon is a coral-peach lip color. I can say that this is my 'Go-To' kind of shade. So when i'm in hurry and dont have time to make up, i just grab this Halcyon then ready to go! The pigmentation is awesome, and really works well on me.


2. Criminal is a super bright Barbie Pink color. At the first time i wear this, i feel like this is similar with MAC Candy YumYum. It's so bright and stunning. But, compare to the Halcyon and Funk, Criminal has less quality of texture. I'm not say that this Criminal is disappointing, but you have to be tricky when apply this. Make sure your lips in well condition because if not, you'll find a lil patchy on your lips. Plus, you only need thin coat for this Criminal. Dont over when applying this color.


3. Funk is a Mid Tone Fuchsia color. And this is my favorite! Everything in this Funk is just perfect. The pigmentation, color payoff, finishing result.. You name it! It glides very easily and smooth. It can cover all the imperfection on my lips as well. Gosh, it just too pretty i can't breath! Hahhaaha...

That's my honest opinion about the MUA Luxe Velvet. I give the A point for this product. Because for the drugstore product, it's really satisfied me. 
Will I Repurchase this again?

OF COURSE YES hahaha... And i think i wanna try another shade like Reckless and Dare.

Ok, thank you so much and i hope you enjoy this ^^


  1. Funk, definitely the Funk paling cakep ^_^

  2. Kl boleh tau beli dimana sis? N harganya brp? TQ ☺

    1. Hai, aku order di Femaledaily. Hargabsekitar 85an. Atau coba liat di IG banyak kok

  3. kayaknya gw makin tergoda beli nih...dan keknya criminal aseek tuh.. :D

  4. Funk sm Halycon cakep! BTW ini sm nyx smlc banyakan mana ya? Secara range harganya hampir sama.
    Oh iya salam kenal yaa. Love to read you blog.

  5. Ternyata FUNK cakeep yaaw... aaawwwwh.. Bulan lalu pesen yg Reckless and Criminal. Salam kenal Catra ^^

    1. Hi Rere..
      Iya salam kenal ^^ Waaaahh gw pengen banget Reckless huhuhu

  6. AAAAA tergoda banget. belinya di mana ya, kak? takut dapat yang fake. :(

    1. Di IG banyak kok. Dan kayaknya ini belom ada fake-nya heheh.

  7. yang halycon cakpe, beli di fd dilapaknya siapa kalo boleh tau?

  8. Aku punyaaa tp kenapa kering bgd yah di bibir ko di km gak ya? pdhl suka bgd sm warnanya

    1. Better lu scrub dulu bibir lo neik, atau pake balm tapi balmnya jangan yang glossy. Ntar ga nempel

  9. aaaa suka banget sama yang criminal, lucu banget warnanyaaa >_<

  10. mupeng liatnyaaa >< pengen yg halcyon krn aku lg cari warna nude XD

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