Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color + Video!

Hey Hoo...
Well, if i post about lips product, do you wanna still read my blog? Because i'm talking about lip product lately. Hhahhahaha...
i'm back with another lippy yippie! FYI, i'm a lipstick addict. I can leave home without powder and blush, but not with lipstick. Eeerr, eyebrow is a must too. No brows = No hangout. Hhahaaha, kidding!
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Here's the product! Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip color in Back To The Fuchsia

As you can see..
It has a very berry pretty color. It's truly a fuchsia color with a yellow undertone. Very bright and ready to make you be a centre of attention!

Let's talking about the texture. For the first time you apply on the lips, you can find the ordinary liquid thing-y. Not as glossy and runny as lipgloss, but it's more like velvety-creamy i believe. You have to wait for a sec, then it'd be transfer to matte finish. 

Beside of this awesome color, i have the downside part about this product. When it's already become a matte finish, the texture really drying on my lips. Also, it leaves a sticky feeling which i dont really like. I was like, "OMG, am i applying a glue on my lips?" Blah!
Also, when wearing this product it's a lil bit tricky. I mean, you only need thin coat on your lips. Dont re-apply or layering this when the product has dry. Because it will leave a patchy and streaky lines on the lips which is soooo bad!

Also, when the product still half dry (going to be matte), dont dab your lips. Because its stickiness will ruin the surface on the lips. You can find a blotch and patchy on the lips. And if you wanna wear this, make sure your lips in a good condition. Exfoliate your lips before. But, dont wear lipbalm too much, because the product won't stick well. It will looks like a separate texture and not blends together. SUCKS right! Too bad because this product should be good..

Overall, i'm a lil bit disappoint with this product! Actually, the color is amazing. It looks like so gorgeous but too bad, it feels so uncomfortable to wear. I already try another liquid lipstick from another brand, but this is the worst finishing result on my lips. I can't bear with the sticky feelings and the dryness on my lips. Eeerrr!!!!

I give the point C for this product. Will i Repurchase this again? Absolutely NO.
It cost IDR 89.000 in WnW's counter in Dept Store/Drugstore.

THANK YOU Everyone for enjoy this ^^


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    1. Tapi dari segi tekstur bagusan limecrime. Ini kering banget dan lengket huhuhu

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