Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague

Today i'm gonna talk a lil bit about lip product! Yup!
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. This product is so hype. I think everybody have this at least one shade. You can find everyone talk about this. Also we can easily find this in everyone makeup pouch haha..

NYX SMLC in Prague

Even tho this NYX SMLC is everywhere, honestly i'm not really into it. I've been having the shade Stockholm and Milan. But, i don't like the texture on my lips. it leave a dry patch and streaky lines on my lips. Also, i feel like it's very uncomfortable. The color seems bad on me. I can't see the color show properly :(

But, after i googling and searching another shade from SMLC "...and i'm still hoping that there's at least one shade will suit me" my eyes catch on this shade, PRAGUE! And lucky me, my friend like it too and want to buy this. So it's time for me to try this for a while. Hahhahaa, thank you dear Ratu ^^

The beautiful deep pink color with a yellow undertone on it. Very pretty! And when i tried this Prague, OMG i'm in love and i think i should have this. Pssstttt, actually this is my friend's. Not mine. Hahhaha...

As you can see, the shade is so pretty! And it looks good on me. I mean, this is not too bright nor dark. In between, but beautiful ^^ So i infer that every single shade of this SMLC has a different texture, consistency, color payoff etc. More darker the shade, it'd be more intense and better. Plus, i like the longevity. It stays on my lips for about 3 hours without fading.

Overall, i like this SMLC in the shade Prague! I'm not sure whether the another color will be good as this one? Will i purchase the other shade? Hmmmm.... i'm curious with Addis Abba, San Paulo and Monte Carlo. 

I have the other shade, Copenhagen. I will post the review on next blogpost ya.....

Thank you! ^^


  1. Cocok banget di kakak ������

    1. Hehhehe makasih neik. Ini warnanya emang keceh benget! Lo mesti coba..

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