Thursday, November 13, 2014

Goodbye Black/White Heads with b.liv by Cellnique "Off With Those Heads"

Skincare review time!!! After almost 2 month i'm trying this product, i feel like this product really good. Especially if you have a skin problem like oily and black heads. As you may know, blackheads are really annoy when it stays on our face. It could clog your pores and make your face dirt and produce much oil.

But with this b.liv "Off With Those Heads", everything gonna be alright! Hahhaha..

Stubborn black/white heads are sucks! It really mess your pretty face and makes your skin look dirt. Beside, if we're not clean the heads as well, it's not possible that we will have an super oily- dirty-acne prone skin. Yaiiikksss...
Lucky me, i dont have those krayzee heads on my nose, chin or forehead. I just have an oily-combination skin. But not that much. 

So, i tried this product and i dont see any significant result or differences. 
This product contain Paraben family, well, eeerrr :(

The product claim that this is the sebum gel. It's different with the ordinary moisturizer and it works focus on black/white heads area. This aim to clear the black/white heads without squeezing. Usually we like to squeeze our nose or chin to take the heads off. It will leave scars and makes your pores open up, so it'd be produce more oil.

It has the other benefits like keep acne under control, control oils, unclog pores, soothing and exfoliate the skin.

The texture is light, easily absorb to skin as well, and no sticky at all. I used to apply this after i wash my face, when my skin is clean and damp. It will make the product sink very well on the skin.

I only need a little product and focusing on the center part of my face. Which is i dont have much heads on my skin. Then i gently rub into the area which need this, that's nose and chin (sometimes).
It has cooling effect when applied. And immediately absorb very well without feeling greasy whatsoever..

And the point plus is, it reduces any shine on the part of my face. It gives a matte finish, without any patchy or flaky. But once again, it doesn't give any huge differences on me. I think it will works very well on oily-black/white heads-big pores kind of skin type. 

This is my bare face. As you can see, i dont have skin problem like scars, acne prone, blackheads or something like that. I only have uneven skintone or discoloration. 
After i'm using this b.liv Off With Those Heads, i can feel that my skin is way more smoother and soft. And i noticed that my face produce less oil! Yay...

Enough said....
Overall i really recommended this product for you who have blackheads problem and super oily skin type. Especially when you find a rough surface on your nose or chin or forehead area, i think you should try this one! It will works. But, if you dont have any much problem, i'd say that this is dont give a huge different on the face :(

THANK YOU SO MUCH b.liv for gimme opportunity to trying this awesomeness!


  1. Catra.. 2 foto awal tdk nampak baik di feedly maupun di browser.. :(
    kayaknya br kali ini lihat bare face-nya Catra... Segerrrrr.... :)

    1. Haiiii....
      Iyah tadi gambarnya keapus, tapi udah di upload lagi kok ^^

      Thanks yaa udah dikasih tau hehehhe...


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