Friday, October 31, 2014

Sugar Skull Makeup for HALLOWEEN!

Ready for "Trick or Treat"....
Happy Halloween everyone. Wear your gorgeous costume, and have fun with your makeup! So today, i will share with you my Sugar Skull Makeup. If you don't know what is Sugar Skull is, you can check the article HERE

So, here's my Sugar Skull Makeup to festive this Halloween!

Products that i used....

- PAC Face Painting in White, Light Blue, Dark Blue
- NYX JEP in Milk
- Sugarpill eyeshadow in Dollipop, Tako and Poison Plum
- Mizzu Eyeliner in Black
- Maybelline Colorshow eyeliner in Black
- Makeover Trio Eyeshadow Palette in Skycrapping Blue

So, actually for making this look isn't that difficult. For the first time i saw the tutorial on Youtube, i was like... OMG this would be very difficult! But when i tried this look, i thought that it's quite easy. But, it took a very long time to draw this Sugar Skull on my face. And i decide to not making the video tutorial because it'd be very long.

What makes this took a long time? The blending part. Hahahha, we have to make sure we blend everything as well when making Sugar Skull!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Everyone......
What will you be in Halloween?

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