Friday, September 5, 2014

Sulwashoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion Review + Video!

Hi Guys!
At this time i wanna share with you about another Cushion-y product. Why i said another? Because i've been post about Laneige Soothing BB Cream & Etude House Precious Mineral Foundation a few months ago, a year ago exactly. And the product that i wanna share is similar, but also different in some ways. You can check my post about Laneige VS Etude House HERE. So here's my video!

This is a foundation in a cushion shape. The texture is liquid, not too thick but also not too runny. I like the texture itself. It blends well on my skin, and it has a great coverage. It's long lasting on the face and it's contain SPF 50+ which is good for protect our skin from the sun.
Basically this product can stay on our face for about 12hours! But it depend on the condition of your skin. If you have a dry skin, this product will be very good on you!!
The product is contain of the Apricot Kernel oil to improve the elasticity of your skin. And also contain of Adenosine, to increase the production of collagen. It sounds great, right?

Shade no.23 Medium Beige

Ok, let's start talking about this product...

Well, i dunno why that every cushion product has a very dewy, moist and wet finishing result. Actually this is good (Because we can get hydrating all the time) but, for everyone who has an oily skin, maybe they'll think twice to try. As if the brands who create something Cushion-y like this (AmorePasific) creating matte finish cushion-foundation or whatsoever, it'll be more good!
I really recommended to you who has a dry skin. Because your skin will be look healthy and glow from within. Yeah..

This product can hide my imperfection on my face very well. All the redness, uneven skintone, scars are gone hahhahaha... As if this is not that dewy :(

For oily skin like me, i have to apply powder over the foundation. It's impossible for me to skip that part. Because this will be melting down throughout the day. Which is..... Eeeeeewwww! But, when it seal with powder, i can see the flawless skin on my face Hahhaha ^^

As you can see....
The shade of this product is too light for me :( I can see the differences between my face and my neck which is not good!

Well i can say that i like this Sulwashoo Perfecting Cushion. It's easy to apply, and gives a smooth surface on my skin. But back again, maybe i'm too oily to wear this in the humid day. It's better when i'm in AC room. It feel more comfortable than when i'm in outdoor.

I wore this product for almost one week. And my personal opinion is.... This will works well on dry skin! Because i need to blot my face more often than usual. And now after i concern to maintain my face with my skincare routine, i rare to use foundation on my daily basis. Just moisturizer/sunblock, concealer, powder then GO!

Will i Repurchase this again? Ummmm... I dunno! Because i prefer using my ordinary foundation. Basically this is a very good product. But i thought, it's not made for oily skin kind of type :( And the shade is too light for me. I don't know with the shade no.25 Deep Beige, maybe it will suit on me. I hope so..

For you who have a dry skin, you MUST have this Sulwashoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion because it can make your skin looks amazing i swear ^^

You can get this Sulwashoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion in SOGO Plaza Senayan, SOGO Mall Kelapa Gading, and SEIBU Grand Indonesia for about IDR 680.000  ^^


  1. uduhh cantiknya k catra uhuyyy, rambutnya seger model kaya gitu cocok ^_^


  2. Too bad my skin type is normal to oily and I think this product won't suit me well , you're so pretty kakkk
    Nice review ^^
    Would you mind follow back my blog ?

    1. Yup! This is will be more works in dry skin type. Actually for oily skin is OK, you can trick it with adding powder on top

  3. Well that's the thing about Korean make up base : most of them are too white for us, Indonesian.. :(

    1. Hooh bener banget! Seandainya ya Korean brand itu ngeluarin shade yang agak gelap dan finishingnya ga dewy2 amat ehehehe


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