Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream + Video!

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A long time ago, i mean a few months ago, BonBon Cosme give me a chance to trying a product from their online shop. First of all, i wanna let you know that BonBon Cosme sell so many beauty and skincare product on their OL Shop. There's so many brand like 3CE, Etude House, Dr.Wu, Skin79, etc. So they send me this product that i will do review ^^

Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream!

i heard so many times about Skin79. And some of my friends using this brand, and they said that this brand is good. Hmm... FYI, because i have a medium skin tone, sometimes i feel like mostly Asian brand is not made for me. I rare to find the right thing from Asian brand (Korean, Japanese, etc). So, when BonBon Cosme offer me to try Skin 79 BB Cream, i thought like.. Why not? Hahaha

I dont know and i'm not sure whether if this BB Cream is available with a different shade or not? I only got this shade. And sorry to say, this shade is too light and white for me. FYI, when i made this post and video, this isn't my first time to try this. So, this post isn't "First Impression" post :)

So, This Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream has a thick consistency of the product. It's not watery of course. And because it's quite thick, so you have to pick the right tools when applied. I choose to use sponge/beauty blender and buffing brush to applied. Because i think that two tools is just fit to this BB Cream. Using hand can be an opt too. As long as your fingers are clean and make sure you blend this BB Cream perfectly, to prevent blotchy and cakey.

As you can see in the picture above, before i'm using this BBC i have a dark circle, redness, scars and another imperfection on my face. Actually this BBC is quite good. It can hide all the imperfection on my face as well, and give an extra brightening on my face. Even though, the shade is way too lighter and i feel like a Ghost, you know? Hahhahaaha....

Even though the texture is thick, it doesn't mean it will be difficult to blend. If you have a fair or light skintone, this BBC will be great on you!
It has a matte finish, but not too matte. Err.. How i describe this? But it's not as dewy as Laneige BB Cushion. So if you have an oily skin like me, better you apply powder afterward. 

It has a rosy scent which i love. Because i never bother with any scent on the product. Oh, but i dont like a chemically scent like Revlon Colorstay Foundation example. Btw, this Dear Rose BB Cream is feel smooth on my skin. It doesn't make my face getting greasy and dirt throughout the day. Yes, that's point plus for me!

Say "HI" to my cat behind me!

Ummmm... Because of honestly i'm not a huge fan of BBC, i can't tell you whether i like this product or not. If you ask me to choose, i probably will choose wearing my ordinary foundation. Dont know why, dont ask Hahhaha ^^

But, if you're a BBC person kind of things, i can recommend this for you. Especially if you have a fair skin. Because actually this is a good product. It's lightweight, great coverage, rosy scent, not greasy throughout the day. But, the cons is.... It's a lil bit oxidize!

Ok, Thank you so much for reading this review ya! I hope you enjoy and bye ^^

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