Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fuschia Smokey Look With BH Cosmetics Hollywood Palette + Video!

Hai Hai...
You know, when the first time i saw this palette, i was like... OMG! So cute! I've been wanting this product for a long time. And i never try BH Cosmetics eyeshadow before. I just have their Pop Art Brush. So many people out there say that BH Cosmetics eyeshadow is good. So, why not i order one to try?

At the first time, i was so confused which palette that i shud grab first. I was searching for the swatch, comparison etc. Before i decide i'm gonna grab Hollywood palette, i was thinking i want to have the 70's or 80's palette. But after i was thinking over and over again, i ended up order this Hollywood palette.

This Hollywood Palette consist of so many fabulous and brave color. I was thinking.. Will i wear this color for my everyday use? Hahhhaha! If you're a natural kind of person, maybe you won't like this. But, sometimes we have to move to our comfort zone right? You never know how fun wearing this colorful eyeshadow hahaaha..
Hollywood palette mix with the red, fuschia, silver shades and neon green, blue, gold and purple. You can create so many looks with this. 

Ok, now i will talk about the quality of each shade. Because, there is a good quality of this also there is a so-so finishing and color payoff. For the first time using this palette, you must swirl the brush to it until 4-5 times to make the color show as well. I dunno, maybe because this eyeshadow is a lil bit chalky and not too creamy like another brand. But overall, i enjoy playing with this palette. And the blush part is awesome!! Very pretty, pigmented and long lasting on my cheeks (It stays on my cheeks for about 4 hours to go).

1. The Red Shade
It has a good pigmentation. Even though it's a lil bit chalky and not too smooth as well.
2. The White
This white color is quite creamy. Easy to blend and it has a shimmer on it
3. The Glittery Black
This shade is pigmented. Lil bit chalky but easy to blend
4. The Silver
It has a similar texture with the white one
5. The Fuschia
This is the best from all this part. Pigmented, and smooth when applied
6. The Matte Black
Chalky, not as good as the fuschia one, but quite pigmented
7. The Glittery Red
It has a similar texture with the Glittery Black
8. The Coral
The texture is not too pigmented, chalky, but buildable. We must swipe/dab at least 4-5 times.

1. The Gold
The texture is quite creamy. Not too pigmented but still OK
2. The Dark Purple
Pigmented, easy to blend, the color is quite intense
3. The Shimmery Purple
The texture is smooth, creamy and pigmented
4. The Yellow
It has a similar texture, finishing and color payoff as the Dark Purple does
5. The Shimmery Green
Not too pigmented, but quite OK. Easy to blend
6. The Dark Blue
This is so pigmented, very good and intense
7. The Shimmery Blue
Pigmented, easy to blend and smooth
8. The Neon Green
The texture is similar with the Red from the other side of the palette

For the blush....
Mostly it's pigmented and the staying power on the cheeks is great! Me Likey..

Well, there's plus minus about this palette. 
The plus point are: 
- They have so many awesome shades. So fun and festive. 
- The blushes are great!
- The packaging is adorable ^^

The minus point are:
- Some color are too chalky
- Some color doesn't have strong pigmentation. Even though we can trick it with swipe or dab repeatedly.

So, Here's me using this BH Cosmetics Hollywood Palette, support with other products.

Will I Repurchase this again?
I wanna try the Malibu and San Francisco Palette.

I give the poin B+ for this Palette!


  1. This is the first time I visit your blog. Wow banget eye makeupnya, sukaaa <3

    Mind to follow each other?

    1. Hai Ririe...
      Makasih ya udah mampir ^^ Nice to meet you


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