Thursday, May 1, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm + Video!

That is the first word that i said when i knew that Revlon launch their new Colorburst product.... Matte (and Lacquer) Balm! Hahahhaaa......
Finally, they're arrived in Indonesia. So i don't have to PO and the price in counter is more cheap than PO. It cost IDR 88.000 <3 But, the shade is still not complete yet :(

Too bad, the other Gorgeous color still not avail in Indonesia. Like Unapologetic, Shameless, and many more. There are only 6 shade that avail in here which is Elusive (My next purchase would be LOL), Showy Flamboyante, Standout, Sultry, Audacious, Complex.

L-R: Showy Flamboyante - Sultry - Standout

Up to Bottom: Showy Flamboyante - Sultry - Standout

One thing that i really LIKE from this Matte Balm is...... They are so pretty and purely matte on the lips!
I like their super cute packaging. It's a matte and sleek tube with a lovely color which representative the product inside. So you dont have to open the cap to see its color, you just can see the color of its packaging and that is the shade of the balm inside :)

The texture is smooth. Easy to glides on the lips because of the pointy shape on the balm. I think the shape is look like crayon. So you can make a perfect cupid bow with this... And it has a velvety finish on your lips as well.

It also has a minty feeling when you apply the product on your lips, because yes it has a Peppermint fragrance on it. I think this is not bad. I like the sensation of it. So fresh!

But the downside is.......
The light and bright shade (Showy Flamboyante, Audacious, Elusive and Complex has a different texture and result than the dark or deep shade (Standout & Sultry)
The darker shade has a BETTER texture, color payoff and result on the lips. The lighter shade give a little chapped and waxy on the lips. Especially if you have a dry lips. But the darker shade is so perfectly cover the lips as well.

So make sure you have a good condition of your lips. Better if you scrub your lips as well before you apply this (a light shade). I'm sure, the other dark shade that isn't avail in Indonesia like Shameless, Striking is way better texture on the lips. So, in my opinion, i prefer use the dark shade than light shade. Even tho, all the shade of this Matte Balm are amazing!!!


Standout is a PERFECT red color with a yellow and warm undertone. The red color is not too bright nor dark. This is the best texture of Matte Balm collection. Glides perfectly on the lips, and not chapped or drying my lips. If you wanna find the great red lipcolor with affordable price, go to STANDOUT!


Sultry is a medium earthy brown color with a hint of rose. This is good for everyday look if you dont have mood wearing red, but you still wanna look stunning. Because this is not 'Centre of Attention' kind of shade. This is more like 'Comfort Zone' shade. People won't stare at your lips but people will recognize that you're so pretty today! Yeah..

Showy Flamboyante!

This is so bright. It's candy fuschia color with blue and cool undertones. It gives you feminine and flirty feels everytime you wear this. Plus, you'll find that you look amazing and stunning ^^ Showy Flamboyante is the right shade if you wanna look different at the day. Just a black eyeliner, pale pink blush and this Matte Balm.. You ready conquer the world! But like i said before, when you wanna wear this you have to make sure your lips are good. Because if it's not, you will find dry patch on your lips. Eeerrrrr :(

Will i Repurchase this? YES for Standout! Because it's too gorgeous to be through. Hhahahaha..


  1. Replies
    1. Haaaahaa.. iya neik emang cakep. Elusive juga cakep loh

  2. Replies
    1. Cuuuusss beli. Harga di konter lbh murah dr PO. Cuma yaitu, shadenya blom lengkap

  3. aaaa akhirnya keluar juga di Indonesia. Kemaren2 mau PO masih setengah hati rasanya..hihi nice color :))

    1. Iyah.... coba shade lain masuk sini. tambah mantep deh tuh! Hihihi...

  4. OMG vibrant banget ya cat... *masuk shopping list

  5. Definitely gonna try this...
    Thx for the review....
    Salam kenal yahhh...
    Baru saja memfollowmu. Mari bertemannn...

    Main-main ke blog aku yah.... Ada postingan tentang style dan makeup Grunge. Tentu aja ada sejarahnya... hehehehe....


    1. Haaiiii....
      Nice to meet you ya. Dan thanks for coming ^^

  6. ngiler sama yang showy Flamboyante tapi kayaknya lebih harus cobain yg standout deh! Hajhahaha, salam kenal ya kak Catra :)

  7. ka karena ini matte, bikin bibir kering g?

    1. Hai...
      Di gw sih nggak ya. Karena emang bibir gw ga bermasalah

  8. Cute banget. Thanks for review ya!!

  9. Cute banget. Thanks for review ya!!


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