Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review Maybelline Color Elixir Lipgloss + Video!

FYI, actually i'm not a huge fan of lipgloss. Because i don't think sticky, glossy, shiny lips is good for me. It's uncomfortable when i feel that my lips is wet. so, i prefer matte or at least creamy for my daily lipstick. Also, i dont like sheer, satin, frosty kind of lipstick. I'm a huge fan of opaque & pigmented kind of things.

*Taken in my office*

And i'm very exciting when Maybelline Indonesia send me this! I was curious for this Color Elixir for a long time. I know it's so hype out there. Many people love this and i think, i have to try it, at least one of them..
So when Maybelline gave this, i tried it on my lips as well. I try this with so many kind of lipstick shade and i'm happy because i've got a different looks! Yay..

It's a blue based tone magenta color. Maybe it would be more good on you who has a cool undertone. On you who has a warm undertone, maybe this shade will looks too blue-ish purple. Errr, imagine, people who are sick or freezing, so their lips are getting frozen and blue. Hahhaha.... No kidding! But nevermind, as long as you're tricky while wearing this, everything will be looks good on you.

In this video above, i give you a swatch of this with a different kind of lipstick and color. So you can see on it, how does it works as a top coat Hehhehe... In this picture down below, i mix this Color Elixir with Revlon Matte Balm in Showy.

I love wearing this over my baby pink matte lipstick (Wardah Matte Lipstick shade Delicate Pink), fuschia color (WnW Megalast Mauve Outta Here, Loreal matte color riche in Glamor Fuschia, etc) also, it's so pretty on nude color (EM Cosmetic in HoneyHoney, Make Over Matte Lipstick in silky Blonde, etc).

What i like about this Maybelline Color Elixir Lipgloss:
- Cute Packaging. It's small with a clear tube and sleek design
- The pigmentation is quite good for a lipgloss. So intense and vivid
- Glide smooth on my lips
- Not too sticky as the other lipgloss does
- Staying power is quite nice
- We can create so many different look with this shade

What i dislike about this:
- There are only 4 shades that available in Indonesia
- This Color Elixir Indonesian version has no exact name like US does. So i dont know what shade of mine is. It just said "Glam 6" under the tube. BBzztttt!!

And for me, this magenta-purple color is so pretty and unique! I like to see how glam this shade on my lips. I rare to use the color like this, but this Color Elixir Glam6 is always be with me, on my pouch! Hahhaa...

So, will i Repurchase this again? Maybe YES with this color. But i'm not sure about another color, because when i tried them all in counter, i thought that the lighter shade isn't too pigmented as this magenta does. 

I give the poin 7/10 


  1. Hi.. Like your post.. Just some spelling mistake..
    It should be :
    I'm very excited
    Glide smoothly(adverb)
    In my pouch(since you put it inside your pouch not on top of your pouch)

    Beside those spelling mistake..
    Nice review..
    I was curious about this as well...
    Perhaps I will try them soon..

  2. Dear catra,

    Wow,,smart sekali memadukan warna2 lipstick yang membuat jadi cetar :)
    saya juga mempunyai youtube yang mungkin bisa buat kamu jd inspirasi , watch this

    dan liat youtube sulam alis di salon kita yah supaya kamu gk merasa bingung dengan yang namanya "sulam"

    Kita juga ada sulam bibir dan eyeliner juga loh...


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