Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get Ready With Me feat Maybelline Colorshow

Hai Hai Hai....
A few weeks ago, Maybelline Indonesia invited me to their Pre-Launch event which is held in their office in near Kuningan, Jakarta. I was so exciting when i know i was invited. Because i'm curios with their new products! Yay

I met my Beauty Blogger friends on that event. But i'm so sorry i dont have the picture during the event because i wasn't bring my camera and my battery phone is getting drained. So, i wasn't take a pic in the event. Hiks! Well, i'm very Happy on that day. Because, beside the Maybelline's team introduce their new product, they also give us chance to try the all product! WOW.. There's so many color. There so many happiness in there hahahha.. 

Too bad that i just have one face. I felt like i wanna try them all over my face. Haha! And try the nail polish all over my 10 nails. Yes! After all, one thing that make us happy is...... We got a GOODIES! Hahhaa everyone love Goodies, right?

Greeting Card and product knowledge from Maybelline!

TaaaDDaaa... Here is the inside of the box! When i opened it, i feel so Happy when i saw. Bunch of product yay <3

L-R: True Toffee - Pinklicious - Cherry On Top

L-R: True Toffee - Pinklicious - Cherry On Top

L-R: Velvet Wine - Silver Linings - Keep Up The Flame - Hooked Up Pink

From all of these product, my favorite is Nail Polish then Lipstick. Because for a drugstore product, this nail polish so great and also the lipstick. What i like about the nail polish is they have so many kind of shades, and the texture is good. Plus, it's long lasting. It can stay on my nails without chapped until 3-4 days.

And for the lipstick, i like the shades. And even tho it's moist kind of type, but the coverage is quite nice. Not too sheer, has a pigmentation even not as opaque as matte lipstick, and also glides smoothly.

About the eyeliner? Hmm... I personally like the black one. Because the texture is quite nice. Pigmented, creamy, and easy to glides. But, for the minty green one, i'm not a huge fans. Dunno why, the minty green has a different texture with the black. I need swipe it until 5-6 times if i want create a bold and strong color payoff. Errrr! 

Overall, i really like this collection. Maybe i will purchase another shade of nail polish, and for the lipstick i wanna buy another shades too. 

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