Thursday, April 10, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade + Video

Hai Guys!
So today i'm gonna make a first impression and quick review about the hype, gorg, amazing brow thing-Y.... YES! Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in shade Dark Brown!

For the first time i saw this product, i talked to myself that i have to try this!
I know this product must be good and useful. Even tho i was thinking... OMG this is so pricey :(

And FYI, i have a very thin and eerrrr.... a lil bit bald brows. Hahaha! So yeah, i need something that could hide them all. And i already try a many brow product. Let's say, brow pencil (from a different brand), brow mascara, brow powder, and then i try to apply gel eyeliner (from MAD Mineral Gel Liner in Chocolate Mousse) --> Actually the finishing result is quite good, but it quick dry and bit hard to blend.

Ok, let's start to give a quick review about this.
For the first this stuff came to my hand, i was like "Well, this is what i got for the IDR 300!"
The packaging is sturdy. Made from a glass jar. And the Anastasia symbol on the lid is beautiful. Looks like a butterfly <3

And when i saw the shade, i was thinking "Wew, is it too dark for me?" Yes i was doubt. I thought better if i choose the shade Chocolate than Dark Brown. But when i swatch and applied on my brow, WOW.... It's pretty good on me. Yay!

You know, i'm in love with this. The texture is smooth, and something like gel. I like its consistency. And the plus point is.. It's quite waterproof and smudgeproof. Great, right!
Because of the texture, it makes me easier to glides on. And even tho it looks similar with gel eyeliner, but it's easy to blend and not dry that fast.

If you have a brunette, dark brown, brown, or dark taupe, this shade will suit on you as well. But if you have a burgundy, copper, ash brown, auburn, blonde etc maybe you can try the lighter shade. This Dipbrow Pomade have 5 shade: Blonde, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown and Ebony!

Well.... Here's my overall and honest opinion:

- Waterproof and Smudgeproof
- Staying power is amazing
- Easy to glide
- Easy to blend
- It contains much product. So i assume i will empty this jar until next year hahahaa...
- The packaging is nice, looks sleek and lux

- Pricey!
- The packaging made from glass so it's not travel friendly a.k.a bulky
- Not avail in Indonesia

So i give the point A!
Will i Repurchase this again?
Dunno because it will takes a long time to finish it.


  1. Udah lama pingin dipbrow ini...cuma blom kebeli2 karena lumayan mahal hehehehe...
    Tapi karena review nya bagus banget,jadi makin tertarik dehhh..
    Salam kenal yaa.....

    1. Hai...
      Nggak nyesel kok beli ini. Walaupun harganya lumayan, tapi worth it <3

  2. ka catra makasih yaa udah direview :*
    pengen banget beli ini, liat banyak yg pake, cuma harganya lumayan ya, hhehehee...
    alis aku kan bota gitu, pake ini bisa nutup ga ya ka? soalnya pake pensil masih belang blentong -___-

    thanks for the review ka catra :*

    1. Hai...
      Iya ini emang lumayan mahal. Tapi sebenernya kalo emang butuh, ini berguna banget kok. Apalagi kalo alis lo termasuk tipis dan botak. Hehehe.. Dulu sih sblm gw punya ini, gw suka pake Gel Liner hahaa

  3. hi mba Catra, salam kenal....boleh tau gak info Olshop yg jual si anastasia ini...thx before... <3

    1. Hai Yully...
      Coba deh hubungin Joan Corner di FB. Search aja dia jual ready stock juga kalo ga salah


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