Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review EM Cosmetic Matte Lipstick in HoneyHoney + Video!

Everybody know that EM Cosmetic is so hype lately. Who doesn't know Michelle Phan? I'm sure 100% girls out there know her as well. So, she started her makeup line, under L'oreal licence. So, i'm starting to try this adorable matte lipstick by EM Cosmetic!

First of all, i'm not too interest to try them all. Why? Because, honestly i said that EM Cosmetic are pricey! Yup, as a new comer (Compare with another makeup brand in the market), EMC is a way expensive. Especially for the famous Life Palette. You can check the price HERE

At the first time Michelle announced that she'll create a makeup line, i thought that it'd be like drugstore brand. I mean, the price isn't too high as Urban Decay, MAC, etc. 
And, another reason why i wasn't interest with EMC is the color of the packaging is white! One thing came through my head is it'd be so dirty and messy especially for the eyeshadow, blush and concealer palette :(
Well, however white packaging is look so cheap and cheesy!

But my curiosity was always on my mind. I thought that i have to try at least one of their product. So i ended up with lipstick. Because lipstick is the easier stuff to try, IMO.

They have 3 kind of lipstick a.k.a Lip Gallery Creamy color Sheer, Matte and Classic. Then i choose matte for my first ordered and the shade HoneyHoney!

HoneyHoney is a very pretty color. It's a nude color with a hint of peachy and earthy brown. Perfect for everyday use or combine it with smokey eyes. 
Beside the color, i like how it's appear on my lips. Even tho i must apply 3-4 time to create a perfect cover up lips, but i still like it!

But, make sure your lips on the fine condition. Dunno why, this lipstick gives a lil patch on your lips. Maybe it's depend on the condition of yours. In me, sometimes it's glides perfectly, sometimes it leave a streaky lines on my lips. As you can see in the picture above. There's a fine line on it! Geez..

And i personally not prefer to apply lip balm before lipstick. Because it will makes the lipstick not stick or glides well on my lips. Fyi, i don't have dry or chapped lips whatsoever. So, to wear this lipstick, i directly apply on my lips without any lip balm or lip gloss either.

- The color is so pretty. Perfectly nude color
- It's smells so good. Like a vanilla or something
- The texture is lightweight. Not a heavy matte lipstick
- The packaging is cool! i LOVE the handwriting on the tube. 
- The packaging made from hard plastic, so it makes the overall looks sturdy. Not cheapy as the picture!
- Not leave a stain
- Staying power is good. It stays on my lips for 4 hours without fading
- Not making my lips dry
- Easy to glides

- Pricey :( $15 and it's about IDR 300.000 something when PO from seller in Indonesia. Hiks!
- It leaves a streaky lines on my lips
- After 4 hours, it gives a lil patch on my lips. Huh!

Will I Repurchase this again? Umm.. don't know! I still can't decide. But i wanna try another color. Or maybe i wanna try the Creamy Color Classic series.

I give the poin: 7/10

Well, have you try this out? Please share with me in the comment section ^_^ I like to hear from you Guys! Mwah....


  1. setuju :( pricey banget, dan packagingnya boring *slapped*
    warnanya bagus kak ^^

    1. Hai Vee..

      Iya mahalnya itu loh. Kalo aja dia lebih murce dikit, pasti gw koleksi warnanya haaha

  2. thanks for sharing this information. its a nice post and keep it always.....


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