Monday, January 6, 2014

NYX Matte Lipstick Review & Swatch + Video

Hai Guys!
If you be friends with me in Social Media or real life, you might to know that i'm addicted with lipstick. Yup! let's say, i can't leave home without lipstick. Because basically, i have a natural dark lip color, so it's apparently not good at all. So, lipstick would be my best friend hahahaha...

I'm not a huge fan of shimmery, sheer, lustre, satin finish of lipstick. Like i said before, i have a pigmented natural lips, so i need something can cover it as well. I choose to wear matte, creamy, amplified and full coverage lipstick where can hide the imperfection on my lips.

And i have a several favorite brand, let's say MAC, MUFE, Wet n Wild, Rimmel Kate, Wardah (This is local brand from Indonesia, and their quality is satisfying!), NYX etc. And actually, i'm not an high/luxury brand whore! I dont mind wear something expensive or cheap. As long as the product can satisfied me, it'd be my favorite. Hahha!

So here i wanna give a review about my favorite lipstick by NYX. And it's Matte series.

L-R: Indie Flick, Merlot, Tea Rose, Alabama, Angel, Summer Breeze, Whipped Caviar

L-R: Indie Flick, Alabama, Merlot, Tea Rose, Whipped Caviar, Summer Breeze, Angel

- Indie Flick: Bright Orange color. Purely orange with yellow undertone
- Alabama: Dark Red color with blue undertone
- Merlot: Dark Pink color with a hint of red
- Tea Rose: Dusty Pink color with a hint of purple
- Whipped Caviar: Deep Nude color with a hint of purple and browny on it
- Summer Breeze: Candy Pink color
- Angel: Bright Coral color with a hint of peach

Even Tho the came from the same brand and same series, but a few shade has a different texture, pigmentation, color payoff etc.

The most AMAZING lipcolor for me is ALABAMA! The color payoff, texture, staying power, finishing result is perfectly suit on me. Glides smooth easily on my lips and not chalky nor blotchy at all.

And the POOR lipcolor for me is SUMMER BREEZE! It gives me a patchy and blotchy on my lips. Seems like it didn't blend as well even tho my lips is in good condition (not dry and not chapped). The texture is a lil waxy and easy to disappear. Blah!

And for the ANGEL, TEA ROSE, WHIPPED CAVIAR has a similar feeling on my lips. Smooth, gently, easy to glides and pretty as well.

INDIE FLICK is more better than Summer Breeze, but not good as Tea Rose, Whipped Caviar, Angel, Merlot & of course Alabama. I need 3-4 swipe to create the coverage that i want.

For MERLOT, the texture is same with Tea Rose & Whipped Caviar. So smooth, pigmented & opaque. But still, for the result, the winner is Alabama!

Well, i'd say that even tho it claims that the lipstick is matte, i'm not feel that it's purely matte. I thought that it tend to more creamy & amplified. Not even drying my lips, and feel comfortable to wear..

Ok, here's my picture wearing each color i have. Selfie time hahahaha....

Indie Flick

Tea Rose

Summer Breeze




Whipped Caviar

Well, What do you think Guys? What shade would be your favorite? Me? I vote for ALABAMA then Angel! Because, those two shades can brighten up my skintone and makes me fresh. For the description in each shade, you can see in the video above ^_^

Will i Repurchase this again? Some color... YES!!!
What shade will be on my next purchase? Sweet Pink, Bloody Mary, Strawberry Daiquiri, Perfect Red, and Audrey

I give B+ Point for this lipstick!

Have a Nice Day, everyone. I hope you enjoy this <3


  1. Perfect collection, there's red color, purple, pink & coral! ;)
    I think I will try this product!

    1. Hihihi... Try them! And you'll know how much i love them. *Lebay* haahahha

  2. yang merlot sama angel bagus banget warnanya, cantik :)

    1. Iyaaa emang. Dua shade itu yang sering gw pake. Hehehe..

  3. Thanks for sharing Catra!

    aku punya yang warna Indie Flick ama yang Pure Red! And between those two colors...aku suka yang Indie Flick! soalnya warnanya catchy banget...
    and yes, I agree, this lipstick is not purely matte...and definitely not drying the lips...and thats why i love it!

    one problem for me, sangking catchy banget warnanya...i cant really wear them everyday :D nanti pas mau ngantor malah dipikir mau kondangan kali ya :D

    anyway i enjoy reading ur post!

    1. Hooh Indie Flick emang cakep! Orange-nya bener2 jreeeenng hahaha,,,
      Malah kalo gw foto pake itu, suka dikira gw ngedit pake camera 360 sialaann hahaa

  4. I never thought orange would look good on us. I might try indie flick

    1. Yes, try it. And you'll be amazed that orange is actually very gorg! Hahhahaa

  5. Replies
    1. Iyah yg Alabama emg bagus bgt. Sayang itu sama Angel ilang entah kemana hahaha...

  6. Kalau di temen aku bagus, tapi di aku ketebelan hahaha. Mungkin emang kurang cocok buat aku, padahal banyak yang bilang NYX Matte Lipstick ini merk terbaik kepunyaannya.

  7. I think you have got the caption for your first swatch photo wrong. I own some of these colours and the names you've put do not appear to line up with the correct colours. For example Angel is a watermelon-pink colour but you have it lined up with a mauve kind of colour which looks more like Whipped Caviar (however you have Whipped Caviar lining up with a bright pink, which it definitely isn't). Also I suspect you've got Merlot and Tea Rose mixed up too.

  8. Ini informasi review lipstick yang bagus , semoga ke depannya selalu menjadi info review yang akurat dan berimbang untuk female Indonesia. Dengan adanya informasi produk seperti ini akan memberikan wawasan dan memudahkan saya mendapatkan produk yang sedang dibutuhkan. Welldone, good job! Salam kenal dariku.

  9. Nyx Matte Lipstick is good.. but of the reviews I read, I think that is ordinary lipstick. but you are so special though without using lipstick :) hhehehe beautyful girl..

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