Monday, January 20, 2014

How Do I Contour and Highlight My Face + Video!

Holla Everyone..
Based on the title above, all of you may know that every girls loves contour to make their face become more slimier. And also highlighting part to create illusion and glowy looks effect. So, in this section i wanna share this to you guys...

As you can see...
I have a very wide forehead (HAHHAHA...), Chubby cheeks and double chin which is SUCKS! So, in my special occasion, bronzer is my very best friend! Highlighter is just an optional for me. Because basically, i'm not a huge fan of dewy look.. Yeah!

So, The first thing i do is contour my face. Actually, there's two option when do your complexion. Some people likes to apply foundation first then making a contouring. But i personally prefer to do contouring first then finish it with foundation. It's all up to you...

I'm using PAC Cream Foundation No.10 as my basic contour. This cream foundation is really good on me. the texture is thick, creamy and easy to blend. And i'm using REVLON Photoready Concealer in light as my basic highlighter.

So i started from my cheeks, then go to my forehead, and jawline. Don't forget to contour your nose if necessary. And for highlight my face area, i like to make it underneath my eyes, my chin and under my brow. I will skip to highlight my center of my forehead, because i dont wanna it'll look more wider. BLAH!

This is my bare face. I just wear eyeliner, fix my eyebrow and false lashes.

Look at the picture above. You can find the discoloration on my face. And also.. Uneven skintone & Dark circle + eyebag. Eewww..

Well, i need to fix everything as well. The key if you wanna create a flawless look, you need a time to create a good complexion. I know it'd take so long. But, you'll be amazed with the result hhahaha..

Then, Here is my face after i fix everything...

FYI, i create this heavy complexion only when i'm attending a special event like wedding party, night party, or another occasion. I'm not this heavy on my daily (go to office, hangout, etc).

OK Guys, Thank You so much for reading and watching. Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE my Youtube Channel and LIKE my Facebook Page. Muuuaaahhh.....


  1. thank you for sharing dear. its help me a lot. :">

  2. Hihihi.. Happy To Help! And makasih ya udah mampir *Kecup*

  3. keceeeehhh mamak Catraaaa >.< aku sukaaak. sangat berguna. :D

  4. Wow! You look stunning. I love your makeup and your lip color as well. This is the first time to hear about PAC cream foundation and upon seeing it it seems like a good one to try out.

  5. Haii ka,bagus deeh lipstik nya..itu pake merek apa? Thx yaa!


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