Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My September 2013 Favorite! + Video

Hey Hoo...
How are you GORGEOUS? I'm sooooo Happy because i have a long holiday. Yeay! There is a public holiday in Indonesia, so i have 5 free days this week. Haaa amazing! I wish there will be a public holiday every month hahaa..

So let's get started with Monthly Favorite! Do you exciting..

I don't have much stuffs during my September, but all those things was always with me during that month ^_^

1. Revlon Photoready Concealer in shade Light
This stuff is pretty good. It has a thick and pigmented texture of the concealer itself. Even tho it's thick, but it so easy to blend. It's perfect to hide the dark circle under my eyes. Or even the redness on my skin. It doesn't leave any fine lines on my face and it makes the surface of my skin getting better. Actually the color light is lighter than my own skin, but i used it as a highlighter. And i like the 'lipstick' shape cos it make me easily to glides.
2. Wet n Wild Coverall Pressed Powder in Light Medium
I know this powder can't replace my HG CARGO Blu Ray. Yeah imagine that i can get 7 WnW Coverall powder with CARGO's cost. Hahhaa... But for me, this product is quite nice. The texture is smooth and finely milled on my skin. For the 'cheap' product, it doesn't leave any weird feeling. It doesn't cakey, it doesn't feeling like i wear mask, it's lightweight, it's blend so well on me, and not oxidize at all. Me likey!
3. NARS Duo Blush/Highlighter in Orgasm/Albatross
FYI, i'm not a huge fan of Orgasm. When everybody raved about this, it wasn't interesting me. At first i tried this Orgasm, the color payoff wasn't show well on me. I couldn't see the color. Where's the color? Haha.. I just see a slightly shimmer and gold sheen on my cheeks. Blah! But i never give up! I always try to used this. Over and over the suddenly....... Oneday this Orgasm surprised me! Yes, Orgasm showed its color on my cheeks so pretty! I can see the peachy color and i ended up loving this one. YEAY! And for Albatross, i like to wear it if i wanna look healthy and glowing.

4. Sariayu Eyebrow Pencil in Brown
This is my HG Eyebrow stuffs. Dunno why i like this waxy texture and the slanted shape of the tip can easily glides very well on my eyebrow. The color is so natural, and it stay longer on my eyebrow even tho i wash my face (it's if i'm not rubbed my eyebrow). 
5. Rohto Cool
This teardrop is really my savior. Because i always ride bike wherever i go. Uumm, not actually i drive that bike, my boyfriend does. Haha! So when i'm on the road, my eyes are easily getting itchy and redness. So this product can heal everythings. Yo, you Go Rohto!
6. NYX Matte Lipcolor in Angel
As you can see on my picture that this color is amazing? It's a bright deep coral with a hint of orange. I never used coral lip color before, and honestly coral lipstick is not too suit on me. Yes, MAC Vegas Volt isn't good on me. WnW Megalast in Just Peachy is also not good in me, except if i mix with another color. NARS Beauiful Liar also not too good on me. But, this NYX Matte Angel is awesome! I thought it seems like NYX is specially made this color for me. Hhhahaha....
7. NYX Extreme lip Color in Bonfire
This color is unique. Let's say, sometimes it looks like deep pink, but the it looks like deep coral. So i can't describe its color. I love this texture. I won't say this is lipgloss. It's more than liquid lipstick. It's so pigmented and opaque. Recommended!
8. Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush
I would say that everybody have to have this stuff! Because i'm not prefer to bring a brush without cap on my pouch. Bacterium is everywhere. And brush is a place where bacterium will feels comfortable to stay there. Hiii.. So at least i will bring this stuffs. I love the bristle. It's so dense and soft. So the product will stick very well on the brush. 

OK Guys thank you so much for read it. I really HAPPY for that. And here's the video on Youtube! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE yaaa...
Have a Nice Day!


  1. Wow, such an interesting post!
    Found it very useful.
    Thank you for the complete review ^^

    Anyway, I've been following your blog.
    Mind to follow me back? :)

    Thank you!

  2. Hai Debby,
    Thanks for coming yaaa. Nice to meet you ^_^


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