Sunday, October 20, 2013

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion VS Etude House Precious Mineral Cushion Foundation + Video

Hai guys!
Today i'm gonna make a review about these two Korean brand (Yes, i rare to use Korean brand as my daily routine) which is Laneige and Etude House. I know these two brands is so famous in the beauty industry. My blogger friends really like them. So when i attend some blogger event, the company gave this to me ^_^

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion & Etude House Precious Mineral Foundation

They look similar in general. Both the packaging and the cushion. The differences is Laneige is a BB Cream and Etude House is a foundation. I have the color no. 23 Sand Beige in Laneige and Honey Beige in Etude House.

I like the packaging. They're made by plastic with a big mirror on it and the sponge area is so good idea. It keep the product so hygienic because of it.

They looks so similar. But Etude House has a prettier color which is PINK!
Plus, they also has a same sponges which i really like! They've made by 300 micro pores so the surface is so smooth, soft and very easy to pick the product onto the sponge.

Talking about the color payoff, they also looks similar. Even though the Etude House is more lighter when applied on the skin. I thought that mostly Korean Brand has a light shade. It's hard to find a medium-dark shade! So i must more tricky, apply bronzer or darker powder over the product will be better. In real life, Etude House is more pink than Laneige. So it apparently more light than Laneige does.

Eeerrr, look how white they are! And for the texture, i think that Etude House is more thicker than Laneige. I assume because Etude House is foundation and Laneige is BB Cream. haha... Make sense, right?
I can say that they're both has a good coverage. They can conceal dark circle and redness. The texture is smooth and easy to blend. But.... I dont like the result on my skin. It leaves a greasy & oily feelings during the day. Especially when the weather is hot and humid. My skin getting wet and the product is not stay on my skin anymore. Meh!
It leaves a blotchy and patchy on me. Even tho i already put my powder on it, but sometimes it didn't help. It will be better if i wear these product only in AC room. At least, the product won't melt if wear in AC room. I dont expect too much if i wear it outdoor, or under the sun. The product will easily melt and break my makeup. GGRRR!

Actually, this is a good product. I like how smooth they are when applied. But, sadly, it seems that it's made only for girls who has a very natural good skin. If we have a oily, acne prone, uneven skintone, discoloration and more, i dont think this product will works well. Hiks!

So here's me wearing this products. On the left side i was using Laneige, and the right side i was using Etude House. And i wasn't using powder at all...

Can you see this? Both are so white on me. So it seems unnatural. Hiks! It will be better if i wear powder on top. And of course, bronzer! Hhaha..

Ok, here's my final opinion:
- Honestly, i'm not a big fan of something like this. This is too dewy and wet for me. 
- It easily melt if i'm wear it in the afternoon. Even tho i already put powder
- The color is too light.
- Even tho the products is so smooth, but i'm still thinking that it's too moist and again.. wet.
- It has a good coverage. At least it can hide redness and dark circle.
- Easy to blend
- For the price, Laneige is IDR 390.000 and Etude House is IDR 218.000

I give the point B for Laneige and B- for Etude House.

This is my honest opinion. I just say what i need to say about this, from my experience when used this and sorry if this product isn't suit on me. I prefer to use a general foundation like i usually wear.

And here's my video. Sorry if i'm not good in English. Because English is my second language but i'm trying my best. Hehhee... Muaaahhhh!

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  1. Aku lg cari cushion laneige juga neh :) di os abis terus :(

  2. Haii Kattie,

    Iya emang katanya Cushion Laneige ini best seller. Di konter harga IDR 390 dapet refill-nya satu kok..

  3. bener neikkkk emang lo bagusan pake foundie biasa *menurut pengamatan dari fotofoto sebelumnya* hahaha.

  4. bagusan yang kanan, tapi better kamu pake foundie laiiin.. lebih kece aja :P

  5. Iva: Naahhh kaann benerr kan apa gw kata.. Hihhi

    Klepon: Hooh jeng. Ini kurang Sip di aku. Ndak suka finishingnya euy.

  6. Hi, I'd like to ask if the refill from Etude House can fit into the Laneige casing? I have the Laneige product but was curious to see if I can just buy the Etude House refill to try as it is cheaper that way.
    They look very similarly sized in the pictures and they are from the same parent company. But I can't tell for certain. Please let me know if you are able to test it! Thanks. :D

  7. Korean brand tend to make the skin looking like wet or shiny...

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    cek IG kita ya sis : chloe_shopandcraft

    atau hubungi langsung
    Line ; fransiskaamalia
    WA : 081321877187


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