Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Favorite PINK Lipstick + Video

After a while ago i was sharing about my Favorite NUDE Lipstick and Favorite RED Lipstick Now i'm gonna share my favorite PINK lipstick. You know, i'm a huge fan of lipstick. If i stranded in an empty island, a stuffs that always be with me are Indomie, My Boyfriend and Lipstick! Hhhahaha... No kidding!

Why i love lipstick so much? Because my natural lips isn't good AT ALL! Yup, i have a dark and pigmented lips so i need lipstick to make it more beautiful. Ehm! Hahha..

What's the texture of the lipstick that i like? First, it must be pigmented and opaque. Yes, to hide the imperfection on my lips well. Second, it must be creamy. I said creamy, not satin-y or lustre. I dont like something sheer like Revlon Lip Butter, Clinique Chubby Sticks, or another sheer lipstick. Because they won't makes me looks better. Third, it must be semi-matte or matte whatever. Because matte lipstick will automatically has a intense color payoff. 
I dont really mind with the scented lipstick. It never bother me at all. And thankfully, everytime i wore matte lipstick, my lips is almost never getting chopped or dry. Even that i wasn't use lip balm before..

1. Sariayu Lipstick in Lasem 02

Oh My God, the color is sooooo adorable. It's a bright fuschia color with a blue based undertone. Actually the texture is a bit sheer (Or at least for me). I need 3-5 coat when applied. There's a kind vanilla scent on it, but not too strong. It moisten up your lips so well..

2. NYX Extreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude

Dunno why, i'm a big fan of NYX lip color except Round Lipstick series (Yes, because they only have a good color, but no good staying power and the lipstick quality does, i mean it easily to break or melting). This is a dusty rose pink color with a yellow undertone. Perfect for everyday use and the staying power is great!

3. Wardah Lipstick in shade 19

One thing that i dont like from this is leave a stain on my lips if i used it over 5 hours. Eemmhhh...
Sometimes, i dont like stain kind of lipstick because i dont using the same color in a day. I like to rotate the different lipstick that i use (in a day). Overall, Wardah lipstick is good! Creamy, Pigmented, longevity is awesome, cheap, yeah... what else?

4. NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose

If you start to boring because i often to mention NYX Matte lipstick on my blog or on my Youtube channel, please forgive me. Hahahahha.... Yeah! I LOOOVVEEE NYX Matte lipstick so much. They have a great coverage, finishing look and their color is pretty. This is a dusty rose pink color. There's a slightly plum on it. Very nice color to create a sexy-flirty look.
5. Make Up For Ever Rouge Intense Artist in shade 31

What do you expect from MUFE range of lipstick? They offer us a very excellent quality product. If i have to choose between MAC & MUFE, i prefer to choose MUFE. They have a variety kind of color, and mostly matte. Pigmented, staying power is OH My GOD, and the color is way gorgeous! This is deep pink color with a hint of plum

6. NYX Black Label Lipstick in Bling

NYX again? Well, enough said! Hahhaha.... Ok, i like this lipstick because its texture is light on my lips. This is the more watery than the other. It has a bubble gum pink color, but not too barbie-ish, still wearable for everyday use, and it contain a lot of moisturizer i think. Hehheh..
7. Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Mauve Outta Here

My all time favorite Pink lipstick! Oh my GOD, this is so pretty. Every makeup lover must have this stuff! I Guarantee the color is suit for every skintone. It has a dusty fuschia color and it's so fresh when apply on the lips. Very edgy yet girly in the same time. Love it! 
And here is my video, please subscribe on my You Tube Channel But i'm sorry if i still have a bad lighting because i was record it just with my digicam. And, i'm not good talking English (Yes, i prefer writing) Hhahha.. Just Enjoy it!

THANKS For Watching! Loooveee You............ Muuuaaahhhhhhh!


  1. Sukaaak semua!! Warnanya cantik2 >.<
    Apalagi tea rose!

  2. Hihihi..
    Makasih ya Kar. Yes, we never goes wrong with Pink lips right?

  3. yang sariayu itu entah kenapa langsung termemori di otak haha..

  4. 2 and 3 look nice on you! when it comes to pink shade, i like it more on the nude/pale side sometimes :P

  5. Hehehe...
    Yes i tend to use nude on my daily but sometimes pink will looks good too

  6. wardahnya yg essential nude ya?? bajussss >.<
    masukin wishlist.. hihi


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