Thursday, May 2, 2013

How To Be Beautiful Behind Your Glasses?

I'm sure 80% of you actually wearing a glasses. Let's say, you have a abnormal eyes which is you have to wear glasses. There's a many factors why people using glasses. The main factor is a genetical. Yes, if your parents are wearing glasses, you may probably using a glasses too. Another factor is maybe you're not take care of your eyes well. Like, when you're reading a book with no good lighting, so unconsciously you already force your eyes to extra work out. So, it cause your eyes broken and you must wear glasses.

One thing that bother every girls in the world is, wear a glasses makes them look ugly! Hahaha.. i'm thinking of that things too. i feel so not confident when i'm wearing my glasses. But, if i'm not, i can't see anything! Eeeerrrgghhh! Okay, the simplest solution is USE A CONTACT LENS. But, again, i'm sure there's tons people out there have an allergic with Contact Lens. So, back again, they must wear a glasses. Like or not, you have to! There's no choice, or you CAN'T see anything... like me! Hahaha..

So, how to be (still) beautiful under your glasses?? It's a big question for tons of girls. Not a few people think that we can't decorate our eyes if we're using a glasses. THAT IS FALSE... WRONG! Yeah, our eyes can still beautiful as a 'they-who-are-not-wearing-a-glasses'. Trust me! Okay, here's a look (of me) wearing a glasses. Oh, Plus, Nerd Look is the trend, you know? Hihihihi...

*Tips & Trick To Be Beautiful When Wearing a Glasses* (Ok, i will say in Bahasa..)
- Choose the glasses that suit to your shape. Kalau kamu berwajah oval/lonjong, kacamata berbentuk kotak sedikit besar/lebar akan bagus di wajahmu. Kalau kamu berwajah kotak/hati (Heart Shape), pilihlah kacamata berbentuk kotak yang agak kecil, dengan frame menyamping sampai ke pelipis. Kalau wajahmu bulat, pilihlah kacamata yang memiliki bentuk unik seperti "CatEyes" (Meruncing naik keatas), ber-frame warna-warni, atau kacamata dengan bentuk kotak kecil. Jangan pilih kacamata ber-frame besar, karena akan membuat wajah bulatmu semakin lebar..

- Pilih kacamata dengan material bahan plastik jika ingin lebih awet. Kacamata berbahan besi yang tipis mungkin akan terliat stylish dan sleek, namun jika kamu tipe orang yang memiliki mata minus diatas 3 (Which is you have to wear your glasses everyday, every second, everytime!), kacamata dengan frame besi jika terkena keringat, perfume dalam jangka waktu lama akan mengelupas dan berubah warna (semacam karatan gitu).

*Tips Makeup When Using a Glasses*
- Aplikasikan eyeshadow berwarna nuansa coklat-tembaga-gold-copper dkk pada mata, beri eyeliner warna hitam atau coklat agar mata terlihat lebih hidup. Sapukan mascara waterproof dan fill your brow with sharp arch untuk tampilan lebih smart. Kamu juga bisa bermain dengan warna biru, hijau, ungu, dan hitam asalkan pilih tekstur eyeshadow yang matte dan cenderung berwarna gelap. Why? Karena refleksi pada kaca akan 'menyamarkan' warna eyeshadow dengan tekstur frost atau shimmer (apalagi jika warna eyeshadownya pastel atau muda).

- Don't ever use False Lashes when you're wearing a glasses. Why? Karena bulumata palsu tidak akan terasa nyaman ketika harus 'Bertabrakan' alias mentok-mentok ke kaca pada kacamata kamu. Biasanya (walaupun untuk bulumata yang pendek sekalipun) bulumata palsu memiliki bentuk yang panjang dan lebat. Dan ketika memakainya bersamaan dengan kacamata, itu tidak akan membuat nyaman.

- Apply peachy or pink blush on to freshen up your look.

- Apply mauve pink or pink beige on your lips to make your overall look seems pretty and cute. If you wanna look more mature and smart, you can use a red lip color with a hint of orange.

VOILA! Now you don't have to worry if you can't look stunning hence your glasses. Moreover, if you choose the right and awesome glasses, it can make your looks become soooooo gorgeous! Imagine that you have the coolest ponytail, or amazing wave hair, and you wear your sexy-smart glasses.....
WOW, you will be the Ah-Maz-Ing girl in the world. Hhahahahhaha........ ^_^

The Products I used...
- Liole Secret Pore Balm Primer 
- Make Over Powder "#02"
- NARS Blush "Deep Throat"

- Laura Mercier e/s Base "Wheat" (Review HERE)
- Maybelline 24 Color Tattoo "Bold Gold" as a base
- NYX Single e/s "Iced Mocha", "Golden Amber", "Black"
- Milani Baked e/s "Rich Java"
- MAC e/s "Phloof" --> Highlight browbone
- Make Over e/l "Brown"
- Cover Girl Waterproof Mascara

- NYX Matte Lipstick "Tea Rose"

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  1. I wear glasses since junior high school and yes, i was having the eye problem since i was born.

    As a glasses person, i know how difficult it is to look stand out when you go out to kondangan or party. Ive tried to use contact lenses but boy how i hate it so much. It irritated my eyes and after not more than half an hour my eyes become watery. Very uncomfortable.

    Talking bout make up, i always believe in bold and thick eyeliner aaand mascara as my life-saver ;)

    love ur article here say...


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