Friday, May 17, 2013

15 Random Fact About Me


Well eeerrr i'm posting this because i'm not sleepy yet. What am i doing then? I just browsing, pondering life, back to browsing, checking my phone and browsing (again) in Instagram-Twitter-Path, chatting with my friend in Line, and watching my BF watching Youtube. Aaaahh whatta nite! Haha..
So, here i am wanna share with you all my 15 random things about me ^_^ Yay! Let's started..

1. I'm on diet. I've lost 7kg in two month.
2. I love love love fuschia color.
3. In real life i'm a shy girl and a bit introvert.
4. Actually, i'm a serious person, and i'm a thinker.
5. I like to read my Holy Quran in the middle of the night, and share the good words on my Path. hehe..
6. If i have to choose, i prefer to window shopping at the mall alone than going out with, let's say 10 girl friends. Hahaha...
7. I don't like being around in the crowd (ex: Family gathering, high school reunion, 'Arisan', etc). But, i love being around in the club. Ha!
8. I started to wear heels when i was 25th yo. Before that, Converse is my best friend.
9. I never wear something polkadot thing-y.
10. I'm not a kind of "Gossip Girl" type.
11. I'm a huge fan of Dash Berlin and Armin van Buuren.
12. I've been become a vocalist of a Hardcore band.
13. I have 23 piercing on my body. But now i only have 2 (except my normal piercing that i have since i was born).
14. I couldn't ride a bike. Yes, that's true!
15. Actually, i have a driving license but i don't have a courage to drive. Hiihihihi...

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