Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review CARGO Blu-Ray Powder

Eeerrr OK you can call me so late because only now i'm raving about this product. Tons of people and blogger out there already had tried this since a long time. ME? Just now.... Bbbzzttt!
Most of my friends has suggested me to try this. But i still have a lot of consideration why i wasn't try it. First, i still love my Make Up For Ever Duo Matt Powder ( I heard it'll be discontinued. Hiks!). Second,   let's say this product isn't exactly cheap. Yes, it's about $32 or something in buy online. And Lucky me.. i've got this from my friend when she got a discount price then i 'just' bought it about IDR 325 (about $28 maybe....)

Ok, here's the look of CARGO BLU-RAY HIGH DEFINITION POWDER shade 20 (Actually i'm fit with shade 30, but my friend just have a ready stock which is refers to her skintone). Well let's start. It will be a long post! And in the review, i will mix between English & Bahasa. Hehhehe.

Ok, honestly this shade is lighter than my own skin or my usual powder shade. Like i say above, maybe i should pick the shade 30 which is more suitable for me. but that's OK, i can still fix it with bronzer and blush. Teehee...
CARGO Blu-Ray is so so so awesome powder. Well i admit that i'm agree with everybody who said this powder is GREAT! One thing that i like from this powder is its coverage. I shouldn't use foundation before. I just use face primer and CARGO Blu-Ray powder and my face instantly looks amazing HAHHAHAHHA...
Its texture is so velvety. Makes my face smooth and flawless. Yang gw suka lagi dari bedak ini adalah dia langsung nge-blend kekulit without looking cakey at all. Dan meskipun gw mesti berpanas-panasan, produk ini tetap stay di kulit dan nggak bergeser sama sekali! What a good things, right!

Also, it has a power lasting formula i think. Kemarin, gw pake dari jam3 sore-an sampe jam11 malem and it's still stay longer on my face. Hmm Hmmm Hmmm...
The best way to wear this adalah gw menggunakan Flat Top Brush dari Coastal Scent atau juga Powder Brush berbulu bulat lebar padat seperti Real Technique Powder Brush atau bisa juga pakai Kabuki Brush. Semakin dense brush-nya, semakin full coverage hasilnya. Semakin fluffy namun tidak begitu dense, maka hasilnya juga akan lebih natural. Gw belom nyoba pake sponge siih hasilnya kayak gimana? Maybe one of you have try using sponge? So, i tend to prefer using a brush than sponge maybe..

Well i will say that CARGO Blu-Ray powder is sooooo recommended! Whether if you have a dry skin or oily skin. Karena bedak ini benar-benar bagus! Dan yang terpenting, gw (sebagai pemilik jenis kulit oily) nggak usah sering-sering touch up. HooooRaaayyy!!
OK, here i am using this product. Look look Look ^_^

In that picture i'm using:
- Revlon Photoready Correcting Primer
- CARGO Blu-Ray HD Powder shade 20
- The Balm Instain Blush "Argyle" --> Review Coming Soon....
- Viva Eyebrow Pencil "Brown"
- Make Over Matt Lipstick "Red Heatwave"
- Falsies

As you can see... This product has an awesome coverage. I'm not using any foundation and concealer in the picture above. Although, the shade is a bit lighter for me. But nevermind! Hahhaha.. I will choose the shade 30 in my next purchase.
Have a nice day, people... i hope you enjoy this ^_^ Muuuuaaahhhhhhhh

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  1. gw kira lo ga akan keracunan si Cargo cat,, baguss kan,, gw apply pake puff itu lbh cover dibanding flat top or kabuki cat,, ada yg udah coba pake sponge lbh full lagi haha.


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