Monday, April 29, 2013

FOTD: Romantic Doll

Purple is a beautiful color. Everybody said purple is describe as a mysterious, gloomy, and also glamour. Yes, if we apply the purple color for the eye makeup, we can get a romantic-glam-classy look. But how to apply purple if we dont wanna get too dark or too bold?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review CARGO Blu-Ray Powder

Eeerrr OK you can call me so late because only now i'm raving about this product. Tons of people and blogger out there already had tried this since a long time. ME? Just now.... Bbbzzttt!
Most of my friends has suggested me to try this. But i still have a lot of consideration why i wasn't try it. First, i still love my Make Up For Ever Duo Matt Powder ( I heard it'll be discontinued. Hiks!). Second,   let's say this product isn't exactly cheap. Yes, it's about $32 or something in buy online. And Lucky me.. i've got this from my friend when she got a discount price then i 'just' bought it about IDR 325 (about $28 maybe....)

Ok, here's the look of CARGO BLU-RAY HIGH DEFINITION POWDER shade 20 (Actually i'm fit with shade 30, but my friend just have a ready stock which is refers to her skintone). Well let's start. It will be a long post! And in the review, i will mix between English & Bahasa. Hehhehe.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

FOTD: Amazingly Afternoon

Hai Everyone.....
Yeah i know, it's been a long time i never post about my "Face Of The Day" with a many many many color creation i have. I really miss the moment where i can playing with my eyeshadow. Huhuhu......

So today (Actually i made this look yesterday) i choose the color Green mix Purple because i have a silly reason. Hihihii,, I was inspired by The Hulk. Yeah, Hulk! The green monster (or mutant, LOL) with the purple pants. But i dont wanna named my look with something 'HULK' thingy. Eeeerrrr, Hulk is scary and i am not. Hhahaha... Well people, i hope you enjoy this. LaLaLaLaLa ^_^

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