Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review MAC Blush

Yes, i'm back after a month i was hibernate. Haha! Now i'm gonna share and give a review about my MAC blushes (But not all of them, just some of it). Yes, basically i'm not a huge fan of MAC blush, but this is work well on me. Let's say, i currently love to wear them. For my everyday look at office (Yup, office hour makes me vacuum from blogging!) i just wear MAC blush because it's so natural, give a fresh blushing cheeks, and not too 'Menor' --> What's it call in English? Eeerrrr

I know I know MAC blush isn't too pigmented like Illamasqua, MakeUp Store, Tarte, and The Balm. Those blush that i mention above is verry berry awesome on me and it can stay longer on my cheeks untill at least 5-7 hours. WOW isn't it? Well, the other MAC Blush i've already review here and here! Ok, let's start... Oh well, maybe i can give a review in Bahasa. Because it will be easier for me and i can give review clearly.

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