Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome Back (2013)

Haaaiiiii.... Haaaiiii.........
Welcome Back! After 3 months i never post anything here because yes i've been so busy (As Hell) Blah! And i had a very hectic days lately. Honestly, i miss you all. I miss share with you all about beauty stuffs and something. I miss to blog walking with every gorgeous blogger all around the world, and i miss to playing with my makeup. I never boring to say "I MISS BLOGGING SO MUCH"

Yes, because of my busy day at work and college *By The Way, I'm GRADUATED from college.. FINALLY!!! HAHHAHHAHA.... YESSS!!!!* So i tend to grab and choose an earthy, natural, 'nothing special', simple makeup for my daily look. YEs, especially when i was in progress to finishing my essay, i preferably not to put any makeup on my face. Gah, i already get tired, stress out, dizzy whatver you name it. So, when all those burden were resolved, i'm thinking i'm gonna start to play with makeup anymore.. Yay! Even that i just can do it at weekend (And if i'm not going anywhere. Bah!)

Okey, the point is i miss everything on my blog ^_^
Tomorrow i must working and face all the task from my boss. So, i must go to sleep. Hoooaammm...
Good Night Everyone <3

I Love you all soooo muchoooo <3

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