Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yeay,, I'm 27!!

Yess... i', officially 27th years old now ^_^

Nothing i can say except i really thankful to Allah for giving me a life until now. I'd say that my life isn't perfect. Yes, there's nobody perfect, right? But with all i have (nor i dont have) Allah is very nice with me. Everytime i felt blue, i felt bad, angry, stress, depress, or happy, Allah always beside me for giving me strength and spirit.

Well, in my birthday especially this year, i'm not thinking to celebrate it like usual. Why? Because for me, the perfect time to celebrate birthday is having a quality time with my Almighty God. There's no Party, no drink, no dancing, no going insane.......... Just a quite and silent. Hhahaha, i know i know that's not interesting.
But i dont mind if i will have a lil fun on weekend. Yeah let's say, just celebrate my Big Day in a simple way. Boring... i know *Sigh*

What i want in this year or especially on my 27th yo, i just want to be FOCUS on my carrier and (I never bored to say this) REACH MY GOAL. What's my goal actually?

1. Have my own business in furniture and beauty industry
2. More often to pray Shalat...
3. Have my own dream house
4. Married with my boyfriend and raising my lovely kids with a Big Big love <3
5. Traveling around the world!!!
6. Go to Mecca, to pilgrimage. Amien..
7. Success in many aspect..

Amien Ya Allah ^_^

Well people... Even though now this time i'm sitting in front of my desk at my office, i feel so happy and really grateful. Because, i feel so loved by people i love.. After 2 days my BF stay at my house and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me promptly at 12 night. And.. Gimme a Big Big Kiss ^_^ Sweet...
That's so simple but nice. Sometimes, we dont need a big thing to make an Happiness. Sometimes, happiness come with a small things and unpredictable. We can suddenly be happy with only a sweet kiss, or big hug, and see a smile on somebody's face. So we're smiling and we're Happy...

Have a Nice Day, people <3 Enjoy your life, no matter it is. Because God knows what's inside your heart. God will give you something that you really need, even if it's not what you really want.... Muah!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome Back (2013)

Haaaiiiii.... Haaaiiii.........
Welcome Back! After 3 months i never post anything here because yes i've been so busy (As Hell) Blah! And i had a very hectic days lately. Honestly, i miss you all. I miss share with you all about beauty stuffs and something. I miss to blog walking with every gorgeous blogger all around the world, and i miss to playing with my makeup. I never boring to say "I MISS BLOGGING SO MUCH"

Yes, because of my busy day at work and college *By The Way, I'm GRADUATED from college.. FINALLY!!! HAHHAHHAHA.... YESSS!!!!* So i tend to grab and choose an earthy, natural, 'nothing special', simple makeup for my daily look. YEs, especially when i was in progress to finishing my essay, i preferably not to put any makeup on my face. Gah, i already get tired, stress out, dizzy whatver you name it. So, when all those burden were resolved, i'm thinking i'm gonna start to play with makeup anymore.. Yay! Even that i just can do it at weekend (And if i'm not going anywhere. Bah!)

Okey, the point is i miss everything on my blog ^_^
Tomorrow i must working and face all the task from my boss. So, i must go to sleep. Hoooaammm...
Good Night Everyone <3

I Love you all soooo muchoooo <3

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