Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Houzz

Like i said in my previous post, i'm promise i will share with you all about my home and my house. I'm living here for almost a year. I really enjoy while stay in this house, even though i'm not in the centre of the town, but overall, my area where i live is good enough!
Yes, Now i'm gonna post a part of my house. I hope you like it ^_^

This is my Living room. That's my TV cabinet. There's a picture of my parents, lotsa dvd collection, and books. That white cabinet is a shoe case. 

My favorite!!! A Fuschia sofa! And i love the grey rug too. The table is the very best quality of wood material. That's made from Kayu Jati which is very strong for years. This place is my sister's favorite where she can knitting all day long...

My Kitchen! Hahaaha.. lil bit messy! Huh

My Dining Room. Those chairs is made from Kayu Jati too. And my dad bought the chairs (and the table) since my sister was teenager. (It's about 20 years ago or something)

My Bathroom on the 2nd floor. I choosed the white tile and black floor because i wanna make a clean effect for the bathroom. So i can see if its start to dirt..

The sink. Love the mirror!

And this is my ROOM!!! Cekidot.... The best part of my entire house! The place where i can do anything without everything will disturb me..

Yay! My bed.. It's from Florence (One company with Serta, KingKoil, Tempur, Comfort Solution). i spending 50% of my time in my lovely bed!

Love The Organic Bamboo bedsheet. i bought it at Mojokoe Bedding Super comfy! Mojokoe has a lotsa kind of bedsheet. And the seller is really helpful. There's a Japan Sateen, Xtra soft Japan cotton, and the best (and luxury) material is made from Organic! Super soft and cool.

Eeerrr, My dresse, my storage. Hmmmm... Dunno why, i love this part. Tidy and Sleek!

I called this place with "Pojok Cantik" where my foundation, blush on, lipstick, eyeshadows has rest! Hahhahaha.....

Well Pweetties... I hope you enjoy my room tour. I'm promise i will make a video about this. Hmmm, Actually my room is a bit messy. But i clean up my room as often as i can. Because i believe that a beautiful house will bring a HAPPINESS to our life! 

Have a Nice Day People... Muuuaaahhhh!


  1. I love your bedroom! :D esp the storage it look so classy

  2. Lovely house! I like your bed the most! So cute!

  3. wah, bagus bagnet rumahnya.,.apalagi ada banyak kosmetik di dalam kamarnya.. :)


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