Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Which one are you?

Based on my passion with home decor (Well, i'm not an Interior Designer,i just like the BEdroom thingy!) Eeerrrr especially Bedroom decor, i wanna share with you these lovely, pretty, cozy, warm room. Which one do you like? Tell me...

This room looks so clean. It has no much stuffs on it. Monochromatic! But it give a natural warm feel.Nude is great for simple and nice girl ^_^

i Liiikkkeeee this! The combination of lime green, brown, and broken white really soothe my eyes. But, it still gives a fresh look because of its green. Anf, the bed is super cozy i think!

 This reminds me of country style. The wooden walls give a warmh effect of the blue & white bed. nd the ornament at the window is completely the room.

One word, Fresh! White bed linen is never goes wrong. It suitable to match with every color. And the oriental red pillow give a statement in this room.

Feminine yet Romantic. I like the wallpaper. It makes the whole room become sweet and girly.

This room looks fun! You can see from the bedcover and the pink-polkadot stool. The combination between baby blue, white and the touch of pink gives a pretty-fun-fresh look.

My another favorite bedroom inspiration. I like the touch of every single thing in this room. The bedcover, the wall decoration, the bookshelf, the rug... Everything! Very nice

Aaahhh... i love the Morrocan Ornament on the wall. Eclectic! The color combination of red, white and black gives a modern and stylish effect. But i dont like the bedside table...

So, which one do you like the most?
Me? Basically i love a girly bedroom. I like a sleek, clean, tidy room with a touch of fuschia or magenta color...


  1. aku suka yang ada unsur ijo'nya kak. kayaknya nyaman, adem kalau kamar ada warna ijo'nya. XD

  2. Aku juga sukaaa yg ijoooo... aaaa... dream room bangett!! Secara aku suka ijoo.. hihi.. Aku juga suka banegt liat"in dekor" gitu.. Main pinterest gak? itu bikin ngiler parraahh.. hahha

  3. aku suka yang paling pertama,sama yg ada marocco stylenya...


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