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Monday, July 16, 2012

When Life's Not Easy...

Some old man said "Life is like a wheel. Sometimes it's UP and then it's DOWN"
Yeah, i agree with that proverb!

There's so many things in my mind. Sometimes i feel, life is unfair.  I often to see how many people out there has suffer, dont get a decent living, and must be fight for their lives. They may not be able to eat in a day. Starving, thirst, cold, exhausted...
But in the other side, in another part of this universe, there's so many lucky people. Lives like a fairytales, have an abundant life, wealthy, have a tons of money, and can get what they wanna have.

Errr that's really disturb my mind actually. I was thinking, whether the POOR man will have a decent life like the RICH does? Should the poor man has suffering for their entire life? Do the destiny will change everything? Is it possible if the rich man feel what the poor man feels?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review GEO Xtra Diamond Series in Grey

HoLLaaa... HeLLooooow..

Now i'm back for giving an honest review about my other circle lens from my lovely sponsor Tomato Online Shop a few weeks ago she gave me this adorable lens. Me likey!!

So, here's the lens and me using this. There's a pros and cons while i'm using this GEO Xtra Diamond Series. Though i got this for free (Hihihihi..) but i try to be honest when give opinion. Well, i hope it will help you guys!

GEO Xtra Diamond Series in Grey
Diameter 15mm
Water Content 38%

I've got this cutey Animal Case for every purchase in Tomato... Yay!

Okay, let's start review-ing... Hohohoho ^_^
What i like about this lens:
- It gives a very very very very natural result in my eyes. I look like i'm not wearing a lens from far, but if you come closer, you will found something nice in my eyes.
- I like the diamond pattern. Unique but natural when used.
- Makes my eyes blink and pure like a baby. Hahahaa...
- Very comfortable. I can wear it without dropping eye drops for almost 15hours!!! Yes, 15 hours!
- The surface is thin so it feels like i dont use anything
- It didn't make my eyes itchy, redness, pain.
- I give 8/10 from its comfortable level

What i dislike about this lens:
- I like the diamond pattern. But, it disappear when used. Especially if you look at my eyes from far, the diamond didn't show well. My eye ball seems just like solid black, even it gives an 'Baby Eyes' effect
- Because it surface is quite thin, you must be careful when use it. If you dont wanna your lens have torn. Eeeewww,,,

If you notice, it's similar with my GEO Xtra Flower but GEO Xtra Flower is lighter than Diamond does. And they're both so pretty in the same way.

I'm using this GEO Diamond almost everyday. Like i said above, this lens gives a very natural look, so i think it's wearable without making your eyes dramatic or even scary. I was thinking, i wanna try the different color with the same pattern. It probably more pretty if it goes with Blue or purple. Aaaahh me want it!
So, if you wanna find a natural-comfort-pretty lens, maybe you can try this one!
It suits for every natural eye color. Because it will blend well and dont look fake or weird. I promise... Hahahhaa

Okay then... Have a nice day people!
Enjoy your day, enjoy your blog and dont let people ruin your beautiful day... Hahhahaha

Write you wanna write. Because this is mine. This is yours. So people dont have a right to ask 'this or that' things... Yeeeh Yeeehh Yeehhh


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Which one are you?

Based on my passion with home decor (Well, i'm not an Interior Designer,i just like the BEdroom thingy!) Eeerrrr especially Bedroom decor, i wanna share with you these lovely, pretty, cozy, warm room. Which one do you like? Tell me...

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