Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Another Passion


Besides of my passion with makeup, i have another like well eeerrrrr... actually this is my new hobby. Hahaha, Okay i'll tell you from the start.
Dunno why, i really like to see the picture of The Bedroom Design, Bedroom Interior, Bedroom Inspiration. A long time ago when i graduated from school, i've ever wanted to take a study about Design Interior. But that day i prefer to take a college majoring in communication. I'm not regret tho' but my passion about that still exist till now.

Everytime i have spare time at office, i always browsing and Googling about Bedroom picture. I'm so exited to see how beautiful those rooms are. I love to spend a time in Informa (Local Store like IKEA or something), ACE Hardware (Massive Home Appliance Store) or Furniture Exhibition. i love to see the comfy bed, pretty rugs, cool sofa, beautiful bedsheet, good lamp and more. i was dreaming i can have an awesome home like that. Hahahaha... Amien!

Those bedroom picture can increase my mood. Can make me smile and can banish drowsiness. Yup, i just imagine i'm sleeping in the AC room with a lot of fluffy pillow, dim lights, cozy blanket, aaahhh ^_^

About my new hobby, i like to collect the pretty bedsheet lately. Yeaah! i splurge my money on buying a home appliance, not makeup anymore. You can buy a good stuffs here --> Juzzshop Seprei or here --> Sahara Seprei Actualy there's a tons of bedding seller on FB like Mojokoe, Talitha Sperei, Grosir Seprei etc. But, my computer in this office can't access Facebook. Too Bad!!!

So, here's the picture that could make my eyes can't blink!

LOOOOKKK... how cozy and beautiful they are!!!! Aaah me want it...
i'm promie i will post my own room. Hahaha! i'm ashmed bcos mine is so messy. i will be more tidier next *CrossFinger*

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