Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Back

Haiiiii Everyone...
Fiiuuuhhh! Finally i'm back ^_^ After i had so many hectic day lately. I was so tired. I've been in busy day from Sunday to Monday, until i don't have time to rest.
And now, i already get a job!!! Yay....
i work at Kebon Sirih, Jakarta Pusat and i enjoy the time when i'm being an employee. I dont meant for not  blogging anymore, but in the near time i can't create a look or just review products. Because i work from Monday to Friday from 9.00am til 6.00 pm. That's impossible to blogging because i miss the natural light (Sunlight) for doing FOTD or review products, which is it's not good using my room light/indoor to get the real color like i want. So maybe i can do those thing on Saturday or Sunday. Yeah.... i promise i will! Hahahhaha

Well, i miss my eyeshadow, my blushes, my foundation, my brushes... Aaaaahhh i miss playing with color. Hiks! So, have a nice day everyone. Do what you love to do. Enjoy the time whether if you're busy or not. Always feel grateful for what you have nor you dont have ^_^

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