Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Another Passion


Besides of my passion with makeup, i have another like well eeerrrrr... actually this is my new hobby. Hahaha, Okay i'll tell you from the start.
Dunno why, i really like to see the picture of The Bedroom Design, Bedroom Interior, Bedroom Inspiration. A long time ago when i graduated from school, i've ever wanted to take a study about Design Interior. But that day i prefer to take a college majoring in communication. I'm not regret tho' but my passion about that still exist till now.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

FOTD: Midnight Drama

i Love Black
i love something dark for my eye makeup..
It's reflect elegant, mysterious, glamour, seductive, sexy and dare at the same time
You can play with all colors behind the black itself
You can create a cute look, sexy look, drama look, gothic look, or even daily look
Depend on what tools and combining did you use...

Black is never goes wrong!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Office Day. Office Hour

Hello Everyone... How are you?
Me? Still stuck in my busy-ness day whatsoever. Hahahaha! i've been so busy for a couple days lately. Especially when i being chased by the deadline. GAH! Dats Sucks. I work as a Copywriter for a 3 tabloids, and one of those has publish once a week. Yeah, i know how dizzy i am when The Editor, The designer, The AE pushed me to finish all those task. Nyeh!

But overall, i love my job! Peoples in here are so individual. They usually dont care with what we do as long as we're not disturb them. even though, i dont have a very close partner/friend here (Honestly, i dont wanna trying hard to make a intimate relationship with them, because this is office, so i have to be a proffessional and still, they're just my partner. Not my friends tho). I just try to avoid the risk of unwanted thing in my work place, like gossiping, cat fight, and more. That's the best that i can do..

For me, it's really hard to make a relationship, or even friendship. It takes time to trust someone. And it's a bit impossible to make my office partner into my bestfriend. However, they have a same vision and mission with me. So, it's possible for them to thrown me anytime. Gossiping or talking behind people's back is not the right things. It can all turn around and happen to me. Boomerang! So scary...

Well, sometimes i was thinking... i want my free time back to me. No, i dont wanna be unemployee again or something!! But i miss all my babies so damn much! Huhuhuhu... And on Saturday or Sunday, i spent my time to hang out, watching movies or just with my boyfriend all day long. Hahhaha..

I wish i can make a FOTD and do makeup on my desk, Uuummmmh, it will be good! *Wink*

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Back

Haiiiii Everyone...
Fiiuuuhhh! Finally i'm back ^_^ After i had so many hectic day lately. I was so tired. I've been in busy day from Sunday to Monday, until i don't have time to rest.
And now, i already get a job!!! Yay....
i work at Kebon Sirih, Jakarta Pusat and i enjoy the time when i'm being an employee. I dont meant for not  blogging anymore, but in the near time i can't create a look or just review products. Because i work from Monday to Friday from 9.00am til 6.00 pm. That's impossible to blogging because i miss the natural light (Sunlight) for doing FOTD or review products, which is it's not good using my room light/indoor to get the real color like i want. So maybe i can do those thing on Saturday or Sunday. Yeah.... i promise i will! Hahahhaha

Well, i miss my eyeshadow, my blushes, my foundation, my brushes... Aaaaahhh i miss playing with color. Hiks! So, have a nice day everyone. Do what you love to do. Enjoy the time whether if you're busy or not. Always feel grateful for what you have nor you dont have ^_^

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