Monday, May 14, 2012

Review GEO Xtra Flower in Grey

Another review about my circle lens again since i wasn't post or update my blog for a long time. Errrr, it's almost 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks. Because of i was sick a weeks a go and i have a things to do.

Ok, this awesome lens was a sponsored by Tomato Online Shop
Like my old post before, i have a good relationship with the owner of Tomato OnShop. And she often to sending me the gorgeous lens. i'm sooooo excited!!!!!

GEO Xtra Flower
DIAMETER : 15.00mm

This is ME using this lens..

Ok, This is my Honest opinion about this lens...
- Like another GEO lens, it feels so comfortable when used. I like GEO lens. I feel like i'm not wearing anything on my eyes
- This lens surface is quite thin. So, it makes the lens more comfort to used
- It has an unique pattern. Not similar like another nudy pattern. And it's really blend well on my real eyes
- Wearable and fit fot everyday use
- It's not dries my eyes. I've tried to used this almost 14hours and it's still OK
- This isn't make my eyes getting dry or even redness
- Actually, i dont need any tear drops. But, if i have an outdoor activity i still need to give a few drops for my eyes

What i dislike from this lens? Uuuummmm i think nothing!
Because like i always said, GEO lens always works well on me. And for you who have a sensitive eyes, you need to drop a tear drop (Visine, Rohto, etc) before you use your favorite lens. It can avoid redness and itchy-ness.

Well Pretties..
If you wanna get 10% discount when purchasing a lens in Tomato Online Shop, use this voucher code "Catra Samoedro" after you finishing your transaction. Let the owner know by mention my name.
What a great deal, right!!!!

You can purchase this lens (or another awesome lens) here:

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