Monday, May 28, 2012

Review GEO Amor Ribbon Blue

I'm Back!!!
Today i'm gonna review about my other GEO lens. I purchase it in Tomato Online Shop
If you follow my blog, you'll know that i have a lot of GEO lens. Because that lens feel so comfy in my eyes. Even though the comfortable level of the lens is so relative (It's different in each person, depend on the sensitivity of the eyes) but mostly GEO works well on me.
So, after i looking around on her website, so my eyes was stucked up with this lens. Ewwww,,, this lens is sooo cute!

It's GEO Amor Ribbon ^_^
Diameter 15.00mm
B.C 8.60
Water Content 38%

So here's ME using this lens..

My Honest Opinion about this lens...
- GEO Amor Ribbon has a very unique and cute pattern. It's unusual. There's a bow picture on it. And it don't have pattern like the other nudy lens
- It has a thin surface. And it feels like i'm not wearing any lens
- I feel a bit itchy at first, but then it turn to be so comfortable. I can wear it almost 12hours without redness, itchy-ness, dry, or pain. I don't need to dripping my eye drop more often.
- The color & the pattern blend well with my natural eye color.
- Very wearable. Because its blue (or another color they have) gives a natural finish. Not too bright or too dramatic (Like anime, manga, dollish, etc)
- It gives a bit enlargement of my real eyes. But not make me look like "Dolly-Look"
- The blue color shown bright in the case, but it turns deeper in my eyes. In the different lighting it looks like a bluish-grey. 

Well, if you looking for the Extra Ordinary lens like you have before, may be you can try this! Tomato Online Shop (Website) has so many GEO lens that you must try! Plus, she have another brand like EOS, Vivian Eye, Eva Eye, Aimu Medusa, Hello Kitty and more.
Just let her know...

All i can say is I love wearing lens. But still, contact lens can't replace my TOD'S glasses. Because however, wearing a glasses is more simple and safety. Especially when my eyes isn't in good condition (Irritation, redness, tired).

So ladies...
If you wanna purchase this GEO AMOR RIBBON and wanna get 10% disc from Tomato Online Shop, just using this code "CATRA SAMOEDRO" while you were finish the transaction. What a great deal, right?! Yay...


  1. It looks so pretty!! I wonder how the brown pair looks like. I love the pattern but I'm not sure about the size. 15mm kayaknya gede bgt XD

  2. Hehehe.. Tapi 15mm-nya ga kliatan trlalu gede kok. IMO gedean Geo Princess Mimi atau Geo Waffle...
    Coklat/abu ada. Dijamin cute..

  3. Mata lo emang udah dasarnya bagus cat, pake ini nambah baguus.. ^^

  4. OMG ! It's looks incredibly !
    You're really beauty girl ;) And you blog is awesome .

  5. Thank you jeng catra, matanya bgs bgtt :D
    Tomato love you ^^

  6. wow.. reviewnya keren banget kak ^^ aku suka... :D


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