Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just for Share

Today i dont wanna post anything about review product, or upload FOTD like i usually do.
Well, i just wanna sink in my own thought tonight. Of course, i talk still within in the makeup world. i dont wanna talking about my love life, or personal life. Why? Because i'm sure there's nobody listen to me if i talking about those crap. Hahahahahaa....

First of all, many people ask me, why do i love makeup? And i just give a simple answer "Because i love color and art" Yeah, i love how the green mix with red, the blue mix with yellow and else. I love art whether it's the art of dance, music, painting, sculpture.. whatever! But, my weakness is i can't do them all. I can't paint in canvas, i can't make a statue, i can't dance well and i dont have a beautiful voice. So, the way i can express my passion is just making and combining every color in the palettes onto the face.. It feels like, i was drawing and painting! So much fun...

But why must MAKEUP?
Hmmm, basically, i have my own philosophy about this thing. I love to see something beautiful. I love to enjoy every process in this life. I love to deal with changes and transformation that occur in every human. When people made a change for themselves, when people do the best for their life, when people start to rise again from their adversity, that's the point what the life deserve to us.

Including with makeup and beauty world. There's so many process and learning inside. Start from the bare face. Imagine our bare face with all the imperfection overthere. Redness, wrinkle, dark spot, dark circle, scars and more. Then we apply skincare first, the start with primer, foundation, concealer, powder etc. Until we ended it with lipstick and blush. What will you see then? The beautifulness is in you!
Your pretty-fresh-cute-sexy-glam-fabulous look. You'll look different after you put those lovely color on your face. Your face is like canvas. You need a great brush and good makeup. So, you will look instantly awesome.... In a sec!

Even though i know, the main point of beautiful is come from our BIG HEART! Yes, the most beautiful accessories is just your SMILE on your face, and your pure & clean heart. Makeup is just a compliment, just an additional... ^_^

And, the point plus of being somebody is you must have your signature style. Be dare. Be unique. Be creative. Dont bother other people's shit. You are what you are. You are beautiful in your own way..
No one can disturb you. No one can make you down. No one can seize your happiness. Stand in your way, your own rules! As long as you're in a good path and dont break the norms, go for it...

Be what you wanna be. You can show yourself by doing something great. Express yourself by making your own site (Like a blog or a similar thing) and spill everything what's on your mind. Create something which is really you. Something that can describe who you really are. No matter what people talking behind your back, dont give a Fakk! Your site is your world. But, i let you know first, if people give you a good advice where it's good for you, accept that! Good advice is important to improving ourself. But if people only judge or bully you, Bah,,, Throw them to the trash! Never look back!

Because you are so special. So precious. So beautiful.
Dont let people make you feel bad.
Love yourself and be the one & only in other people's heart... ^_^


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