Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review "What's On My Pouch?"

Haiii Haiii.... Happy Easter everyone!
I wanna share with you all one of my everyday life. Yes, i wanna share about the stuffs that always with me whenever i go (Exclude traveling ^_^)

Basically i always bring a random stuffs on my makeup pouch. Depend on my mood that day means what lipstick color will i use, which blush will suit me today and more.. Hahahaha!
Well now i'm gonna post my random stuffs. This is what i usually bring with me lately.

My Pouch..

Yes, i like big pouch because i always bring a lot of things. And this also random pouch where i'm not always bring this Black-Croco Pouch. I have so many pouch, and it must be Big because i need all my Babies come with me. LOL

Inside The Pouch...
Yeah... This is what i always bring with me lately. Not that much, right? LOL

Face Area...
L-R: NYX Powder, Maybelline Blush "Fresh Coral", MAC Blush "Melba", MAC Studio Finish Concealer "NC35"

The one and only that i always bring with me without changing it depending on my mood is just my NYX Powder. And another are just random stuffs. Hehehehe..
- MAC Melba is one of my favorite blush. Its color is so pretty on me. It can instantly makes me look fresh, and the color is suitable for any lipstick or eyeshadow color.
- Maybelline Blush in Fresh Coral is good. It gives my cheeks looks Pop-Out, blushing and pretty. I love its texture, so smooth.
- MAC Concealer Studio Finish is my favorite concealer ever! The coverage is pretty well and it success to hide all my imperfection in my face. Plus, it can also used as lipstick base. Nice!

The Mirror...

It comes from Lioele. Look how this pretty Fuschia-Princess Look a like Mirror! I really Love Love this! The mirror is quite big.

Lips Area...
L-R: Wardah Exclusive Lipstick "Rosemary", Beautistyle Lipstick "Shy Blush", NYX Lip Extreme "Pinky Nude", "Buttery Nude", "Natural", Make Up Forever Lip Shine, Beautistyle Lipstick "Candy" On a Jar Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink

For the lips area, i most often to bring the random lipstick. I never stick with one lipstick on my pouch. I usually grab lipstick without any planning which one will i use today. Hahaha!
I love Nude color! I feel like my overall makeup is perfect when i used a nude color. Because it can soften my Dark Eye Makeup and make it pretty. Also, i love muted-dusty-pink lip color.

Random Stuffs...
Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen

This one is my savior when my eyeliner or eyeshadow or mascara start getting smudge. Just swap in the dirt area then Voila, my makeup is become clean again...

LT Pro Waterproof Eyeliner Black

This is good product. This is my backup eyeliner. I usually apply this when my eyeliner ( I wear eyeliner when at home) when my eyeliner start to fade. Or for adding my fade-out-waterline.. This is also my random stuff because sometimes i bring my NYX Retractable Eyeliner in Black over this LT Pro..

Eye Drops
L-R: Visine, Refresh Contact, Rohto Cool

I can never leave house without this stuffs. My eyes is a bit sensitive when using a contact lens. My eyes is easily tired and getting redness if i'm in Air Condition Room especially when i'm using a lens. So, this is must bring items! Yeay..

Softlens Case

This also my savior for my eyes. If my lens is getting uncomfortable, for sure i will put it off in this case and change with my lovely Glasses. Haaaahhh,,,, 
I picked the color Purple, because i love Fuschia & Purple. And the rosey-shape top is totally cute.

Face Blotting Paper and Hair Tie

You know, i have an oily skin. Especially in the humid or hot weather so my face is getting greasy. Yaiikksss... Before i touch up with my powder, i blot first my face with this Clean&Clear Oil Control Film. This is my favorite! It can lift oil the face well and make it look matte again.
And this hair tie is my savior when bad hair day..

Top-Bottom: Coastal Scent Pink Kabuki Brush & Angle Brush, Mini Kabuki Brush from Make Up Tools Shop

They're cute! They're my favorite kabuki brush ever! The Pink one i usually used for apply my compact powder or loose powder, sometime i use this for touch up, to eliminate the remnants of powder in the face. The Angled one is for applying blush, and the Mini Kabuki is also for applying compact powder.
I have the other brush for applying blush. It comes from Masami Shouko. But i forgot to take a picture of it...

Okay, That's my stuffs on my Pouch. You know i can't leave home without my Makeup Pouch. It all help me to freshen up my face all day long, and you know how much i love my makeup. So, i will share again my another stuffs inside my Pouch later. of course, with a different things (Yeah,, why it called "Random" right?!)

Well, Have a nice day People ^_^
What's on your pouch? Tell me.... We share...
Hope you enjoy! Muuuaaaahhhh

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