Monday, April 2, 2012

Review PAC Face Painting

A few days ago (March 30rd 2012) I've been invited to the PAC new event. That Event's name is "Cirque De Beaute". They're launching their new range of makeup. Face Painting and 48 eyeshadow palette. Soooo yay! But i decide to grab the Face Painting first because this stuff is so interesting me.
The event was held in Ritz Carlton Grand Ball Room, Pasific Place 4th floor. The MC were Ivy Batuta and Vonny. And there's a demo makeup using this Face Painting & 48 eyeshadow palette by 4 gorgeous Make Up Artist. Adrian Suryapradipa, Teddy Lim, Jacque Uzzardi (France), & Jul Henry (Australia).

So, here's my PAC FACE PAINTING...

Face Painting has 12 beautiful color...

Color of the Candy Pop row...

Color of the Earthy Natural row...

The Swatch...

This Face Painting has a creamy texture and it's very smooth when glides on my skin. It can be used as eyeshadow, base eyeshadow, blush (for the pink, red, or mix both of them), eyeliner gel, lipstick, or face painting itself. Very useful!

My Honest Opinion about this thing...
- Very Pigmented! The colors are so vibrant, Pop-out, solid, bold. As you can see in the picture above, this stuff is totally gorgeous. I'm not using a base under the face painting itself. Look how bright & deep the colors are.
- Easy to use, easy to glides.
- Easy to remove with eye make up remover or something
- If you using a base (Face or Eyes) before, it will be more long lasting
- Semi Waterproof. I mean basically this is waterproof, but you must add a base or powder/loose eyeshadow over the top
- It also can be use in sensitive eyes/skin, because it's formula is friendly

What i dislike about this stuff..
- It comes with a jar, it means it's not too hygienic if we take the product with our finger
- The packaging is bulky, not travel friendly
- The packaging made from plastic-glass so it's fragile

Tips by ME:
- Use a base before apply this Face Painting for a best results
- You can add powder/loose eyeshadow to make this Face Painting stay longer on your lids
- I recommend to use a synthetic brush when apply this stuff for a better result. Actually you can use a natural brush, but using the synthetic one is easier and the product will works well when apply on your skin.

I give the point B+ for this stuff. It price IDR 560 for 12 Face Painting.... Best deal, right?


  1. This brand looks good. Will they offer fake eyelashes like other brands such as MAC though?

  2. wow. thx for reviewing and swatching! yep, i guess we need to be proud for our local products. And I've been thinking to get it too.. hehe :))

  3. PAC is my favourite local product.. Thank you for the swatch :)

  4. Nice post regarding to the face painting color. Really nice post and amazing color i will definitely try out this brand.


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