Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review GEO Princess Mimi Brown

Hello Everyone...
My another contact lens review comes from GEO (Again!) Hahahaha....
First of all, i grab this one from Shella Sanjaya so if you wanna have this, you can let her know and she will send you all the lenses catalogue by email. She's so nice and ready to help you..
So here it is:

GEO Princess Mimi Series WMM-30x

Spect :

Diameter : 15.00mm
Base Curve : 8.70
Water Content : 38 %

And here's ME using this lens...

OK, This is My Honest Opinion about this lens...
- I like the brown color. It has a gradation which gives the eyes look depth and dramatic
- It has a 3 tone color. As you can see, there's a Dark Brown in the outer ring, medium-walnut brown in the middle area and deep gold in the centre of the eye
- Although this lens is not too bright, but this look so intens in the daylight
- For its level of comfort, i give the point 3.5/5 because sometimes when my eyes isn't too fit, this will makes the eyes tired and being redness. So i must often to drop the eye drops while using this lens.
- Basically this lens is quite pretty. Especially when used in people who has a natural dark brown eyes. It'll blend well and looks so pretty
- It gives an enlargement effect for my eyes.

What i dislike from this lens..
- In some case (it can caused by lighting, daylight, makeup and whatsoever) this lens is looks scary. Sometimes this lens is look a bit more red than brown. I feel like i become a Vampire. Hahhaaha...
- Sometimes, i feel like a lump in my eyes when using this lens. Maybe it because of the diameter size of the lens so it reduce the level of its comfortable.

But overall, i like this lens. Its pattern is quite unique (I like the 3 tones part of it) and basically this is comfortable if we clean our eyes well. No trace of mascara that clump and fall out, No remnants of eyeliner into the eyes, or eyeshadow fall out, it would be OK.

I'm using MAC Studio Fix Powder "NC40", MAC Studio Finish Concealer "NC35", NYX Brow Cake Powder "Black/Grey", Black eyeshadow as an eyeliner, Make Up Store Blush "Frozen Daiquiri", "BeautyStyle Matte Lipstick "Candy"


  1. Nice review hon.. ^^
    Will contact Shella to ask about cylinder lens..
    Btw, your eyes look gorgeous wearing it.

  2. agak bingung deh, kok bisa pake contact lens, tapi mata masih putih bersih jernih gt. :D Kalo saya sih, mata langsung merah2. Itu digimanain sih? :D

  3. @ Sepatumerah:
    Hehhehe iyaa emang aku jarang redness kecuali kalo di ruangan AC lama, naik motor kena debu, atau kalo soplennya bener2 gaenak gitu...

  4. hi lipsticknya brand apa yah?tertariikk :p


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